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What Makes A FAKRO Roof Window Better?

10 excellent reasons why you need a FAKRO roof window to add the perfect finish to your project.

1. Maximum Natural Light

FAKRO roof windows are designed to let in the most amount of daylight possible. The profile shape of the frame and the sash, as well as the placement of the air inlet in the upper part of the frame, create more glazing area to illuminate your room.

FAKRO windows

2. Highest Timber Quality

The knot-free pine wood used in FAKRO windows is taken from FSC certified sources.

The double vacuum process, using waterborne preservatives and two coats of environmentally friendly lacquer, guarantees the durability and great look of the frame.

3. Roof Windows for Bathrooms & Kitchen Extensions

Rooms with high humidity need a roof window resistant to steam. FAKRO offers the choice of white PVC, which will complement existing uPVC windows, and top quality polyurethane.

Polyurethane (PU) frames offer the best in style and performance. High quality pine frames are covered in a seamless PU finish that ensures a humidity resistant, low maintenance and stylish finish.

FAKRO windows

4. Automatic Air Ventilation

The FAKRO V40P air vent is activated by changes in atmospheric pressure, providing the optimum balance of fresh air regardless of the weather outside.

5. Exceptional Home Security

All FAKRO windows have topSafe® security and safety installed as standard, giving peace of mind. This exceptional burglary resistant system includes additional hinge and lock reinforcement that stops the sash from being forced. 

Compare FAKRO windows with other manufacturers' - do they have EU standard EN 13049, achieving a minimum of Class 3 as FAKRO windows do?

FAKRO windows

6. Top Thermal Performance

FAKRO windows will reduce heat loss from your living space. The design and construction of FAKRO windows is matched by the best components used, ensuring a low overall unit U-value - not just the glazing.

7. Warm Glazing Spacers

Many roof windows use metallic spacers to separate panes, but these can encourage condensation to form by creating a cold bridge between them. FAKRO only uses warm spacers to ensure this does not happen.

FAKRO flat rooflights

8. Ease of Installation

The easy-to-use bracket fix installation system means FAKRO windows can be fitted to rafters, battens and sarking, giving more flexibility in the fitting of your roof windows.

9. Performance Guarantees

Whichever FAKRO window you choose, you are certain of excellent performance. FAKRO offers a 10-year warranty for all windows and a 20-year warranty on glazing units. It also gives you a no quibble lifetime warranty against hail damage.

FAKRO DEF Colourline

10. Add Your Finishing Touch

Customise your FAKRO DEF rooflight with Colourline.

FAKRO windows can be made any colour from the RAL classic palette. That's a choice of more than 200 colours giving you the ability to create the exact finish you want - perfect for green roofs!

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