You're not a gardener so why get involved with plants? Maybe it's time to think again... Everything you need to lay a beautiful green roof, in an easy to use kit. Why have a boring roof when you could have a living ecosystem? Your roof can soon be alive with a diverse mixture of plants.

The Easiest Way to Lay a Green Roof

GrufeKit is unique, it's so simple to install that it gives any roofer the opportunity to add green roof installation to their portfolio. Self-Install – no previous experience or specialist horticultural training needed Lightweight – each module easily lifted and positioned by one person Pre-grown – delivered to you fully established for an instant green roof No irrigation – roof retains rainwater so no complicated irrigation system needed


1. The green roof trays are nurtured in the nurseries
2. Apply a waterproof layer to your flat roof
3. Lay your trays on top of the waterproof layer
4. Watch your green roof grow