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Home Improvement Ideas- VELUX Flat Roof Windows

VELUX flat roof windows in play room single storey extension

Although undeniably the world's leading manufacturer of pitched roof windows for the past 70 years, when it comes to windows of the flatter kind, VELUX are not nearly as synonymous.

This, however, has very little to do with the size of VELUX's flat roof window range. Just like with the Danish firm's pitched roof windows, VELUX’s flat roof windows, or rooflights as they are commonly known, consist of a number of different designs, all engineered with both aesthetics and functionality firmly in mind. 

Though some flat roof window brands, ECO + being a prime example, have enjoyed success in the market through a mix of impressive design and low prices, VELUX’s flat roof window range caters for most budget sizes, be it big, medium or small. 

From their flat glass domed rooflights, one of the most affordable rooflights on the market, to the eye-catching curved glass rooflight and stunning modular skylight, there is a VELUX flat roof window for all projects.

All of VELUX’s finest flat roof windows can be purchased from Sterlingbuild at the lowest prices online, guaranteed by our Price Match+ Promise. On top of offering the cheapest prices on the web, our extensive offering of VELUX rooflights is larger than any other independent retailer in the UK.

To help you decide on a rooflight for your flat roof home extension or renovation project, here is what is on offer from VELUX and why their flat roof models are just as impressive as their pitched in creating the ideal VELUX Extension.

Stylish Appearance

VELUX curved flat glass window exterior look installed on flat roof

VELUX have long been known for the attractiveness of their windows as much as they have for their efficiency. All of VELUX’s flat roof windows are expertly designed to ensure they make a stylish addition to any home once installed.

Both the VELUX flat glass rooflight and flat glass domed rooflight come with a white PVC internal finish, making them perfect accompaniments to white interior décor such as that usually found in kitchens and bathrooms.

For a flat roof window that is as impressive looking on the outside of a home as it is on the inside, look no further than the VELUX curved glass rooflight. The curved glass pane, a relatively new addition to the VELUX rooflight collection, is an elegant choice for externally visible installations. 

For the ultimate wow factor, VELUX’s modular skylights provide stunning lighting conditions to larger rooms, corridors and hallways, perfect for flat roofs with pitches of between 5° and 25°.

Ventilation Control

VELUX INTEGRA flat roof windows open

Fixed and electric operation methods are available on all VELUX rooflights. If you already have suffice ventilation in the room you wish to install your flat roof window, a non-opening rooflight is something you might consider.

Fixed windows are naturally a lot cheaper than electric windows, meaning you could save yourself hundreds if you don’t require that extra air flow.

On the other hand, the comfort of having an electric flat roof window is worth every penny, and, depending on your project, could be a necessity if the rooflight is going to be the sole means of ventilation in your room. VELUX electric windows can be opened and closed at the simple click of a remote control, giving you the power to dictate how airy and cool/warm your space is.

The flat glass domed rooflight is also available in manual in addition to fixed and electric. The manual flat glass domed rooflight is suitable as a means of escape window as access to the roof can be easily attained as the window opens up to 60°.

Low U-values & Low Maintenance

VELUX flat glass rooflight installed as part of kitchen extension

Every one of our VELUX flat roof windows come with incredibly low U-values of 1.2 W/m²K. This low rating is reassuring proof that your VELUX rooflight will keep the temperature in your room warm, 365 days a year. VELUX's high performance insulation is integrated into the frame to give the best possible protection against heat loss. 

VELUX flat rooflights come with double glazed, laminated windows as standard. The 3-layer glass construction on the curved roof windows ensures optimal energy performance in the home, meaning you should save money on energy bills too. Double glazing also comes with all VELUX’s AA rated smoke vent windows.  

Along with keeping your room toasty in the winter, VELUX’s rooflights will also keep you yourself warm with their low maintenance levels meaning little need for you to climb up onto the roof to clean the window. The pvc framework of the VELUX flat glass rooflight is virtually maintenance free, while the shape of the curved rooflight provides natural drainage of water.

If external noise is one of your main priorities when selecting a rooflight, VELUX flat roof windows offer excellent noise reduction, no surprise when you consider VELUX pitched roof windows have the best noise cancellation properties of all our roof windows.

Light up Dark Spaces

VELUX sun tunnels installed in bathroom

To bring natural light into areas of the home the sun struggles to reach, VELUX’s rigid and flexible sun tunnels are two of the smartest solutions.

Flat roof sun tunnels are a practical and aesthetically-pleasing way of brightening up small rooms like corridors and cupboards, as well as larger rooms such as bathrooms and living rooms.

Flat roof sun tunnels are a practical and aesthetically-pleasing way of brightening up small rooms like corridors and cupboards, as well as larger rooms such as bathrooms and living rooms.

VELUX’s flexible sun tubes are perfect for when the distance between the roof and ceiling is too small for a rigid tunnel. Rigid sun tunnels, however, are better for allowing more sunlight to enter the room as less light is lost on route from roof to room. 

VELUX sun tunnels are an incredibly cost-effective way to brighten up your home - saving you from having to switch on lights and use electricity to brighten dark or windowless rooms. For more information, visit our '5 things you need to know about sun tunnels' blog.

For greater control of sunlight, VELUX blinds for flat roof windows are available in a variety of styles and colours.