5 Things You Need to Know About Sun Tunnels

Published on Friday, 17th April 2015

Sun tunnels, light pipes, sun tubes - whatever you know them as, you might know they will transform a dark or windowless middle room.

If you aren't familiar with sun tunnels, let us guarantee you there are a number of benefits you will love, including a brighter room with a feeling of space.

We've also included some customer feedback about the sun tunnels bought on our website so you don't have to take only our word about how great these ingeniously designed daylighting products are:

Customer feedback for VELUX sun tunnels
"Good quality product which has made a big difference to the light in the room," said one Sterlingbuild customer about the VELUX TWR sun tunnel.

Here are 5 great benefits of sun tunnels we think you’d enjoy:

1. A sun tunnel will make your room look bigger

Any good interior designer will tell you the key to making a room appear larger is not just a case of using light décor and minimalist furniture; you need to let in plenty of natural light too.

A sun tunnel will do just this by transporting daylight from your roof into even the darkest of spaces. Plus, depending on the type of sun tunnel, you’ll be spoilt with not only natural light but also a nice fresh airflow.

Customer feedback for VELUX sun tunnels
"Fantastic product" said one customer about the VELUX TLF flexible sun tunnel for slate roofs.

VELUX & FAKRO sun tubes & sun tunnels


2. A sun tunnel will save you money on energy bills

So, not only will installing a sun tunnel provide your dark room with both natural light and airflow, it is the most affordable way to put sunshine in your home. There’ll be no need (at least in the daytime) to have any electric lights on. Nor will you need to have any air coolers, fans or conditioners plugged in. Enjoy the natural breeze from the outside!

VELUX & FAKRO solar tubes & light tunnels


3. A sun tunnel is suitable for many spaces in your home

The great thing about sun tunnels is they can be installed to benefit any space in your home (as long as the tube will have access to your roof space). If you’d like to allow more light into a dark area such as a stairway or hallway, you can do so with a sun tunnel. They’re also great for laundry rooms, bathrooms and kitchens.

Customer feedback for VELUX sun tunnels
Another home owner who bought a VELUX TWR sun tunnel and gave the product a 5 star review said "product used in a dark passage way, transformation to the area in natural lighting terms excellent. DIY installation took one day."

VELUX & FAKRO sun & solar tube lights


4. Installing a sun tunnel is straightforward

One thing that might be putting you off getting a sun tunnel is the thought of hiring a professional to install it, making time to ensure the installation running smoothly and to supply them with tea and coffee. Is there much risk involved? Will it take long? All of these thoughts might be running through your head. Perhaps you’d be installing it yourself. Either way you can rest assured that it is a relatively easy, straightforward procedure.

It does of course depend on the type of roof you have, pitched or flat. If it’s pitched, the installation will still be fairly simple, but will require more safety precautions.

Customer feedback for VELUX sun tunnels
One customer gave the VELUX TWR rigid sun tunnel the review "Good product. Easy installation."

This video will show you how simple it can be with a good roofer:


5. Sun tunnels aren’t as expensive as you might think

When looking to buy a roof window, regardless of the type, you’re probably expecting quite a hefty quote, especially when you want a high quality-product from a reputable brand. However, you might be pleasantly surprised when it comes to looking for yourself.

Customer feedback on light pipes
VELUX TLF flexible sun tunnel for slate roofs "Good quality product."

VELUX & FAKRO sun pipes & tunnels for flat & pitched roofs


At Sterlingbuild, we stock a wide range of sun tunnels from the best brands in the industry, at affordable prices. We have a variety of shapes and sizes available, to suit a number of roofing types from tile to slate.

Don’t believe us? Take a look for yourself. Browse our range of sun tunnels from FAKRO, VELUX and Sterlingbuild.

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If you have any questions about sun tunnels, please get in touch with our team.