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Signature Flat Glass Rooflights

Designed and manufactured in the UK, Signature are a specialist producer of flat glass roof windows and walk-on rooflights that transform home extensions into brighter and healthier spaces through the introduction of natural daylight.

Fully compliant with UK Building Regulations and available in standard or bespoke sizes, Signature combine outstanding performance and practicality with quick, straightforward installation.



Signature flat glass rooflight from inside room

Maximise Daylight

Ideal for flat roof extensions and renovations, Signature rooflights are a daylighting brand firmly on the rise thanks to a leading-edge product design which maximises sunlight transmission through large panes and minimal framework.

Where bigger rooflights are required, Signature’s sleek, multi-pane rooflights have been made to accommodate internal corridors and similar shaped areas of a building. 

Flat roof windows from Signature are an ideal option for existing extensions and can be designed to fit irregular roof areas. Our Signature standard range can be used on external kerb sizes of up to 1800mm x 1800mm with larger sizes available upon request. 

Illuminate Dark Areas

Signature offers the perfect answer to lighting up the darker areas of a property, such as basements, with their collection of internal and external walk-on rooflights.

These non-slip, glass features can be installed on roof terraces and internal applications to funnel much needed daylight into the areas directly below. 

Investing in walk-on rooflights will dramatically lower the need for artificial lighting in attics and cellars during the day, saving you serious money on energy bills.

Privacy can be guaranteed with the addition of obscure glazing, while there are three types of anti-slip glass to choose from.

Signature walk on glass rooflight
Signature bespoke rooflights

Bespoke Design

All Signature flat glass roof windows and walk-on rooflights can be ordered made to measure to ensure the perfect fit for your project.

If you cannot find the precise size or spec you need among our standard offering, bespoke designs can be ordered to any requirements. We can supply bespoke glass specifications, shapes, and sizes, along with additional upgrades, such as Ritec easy clean, body tint and high performance solar control.

Any RAL colour is available on request should you want a unique feature that feels exclusive to you and your home.


Across Signature’s extensive range of rooflights are windows with functions beyond the core purpose of introducing sunlight.

Signature electric hinged and sliding rooflights can bring added ventilation and fresher air into your room to create a healthier indoor climate.

Signature access windows meanwhile are a flat rooflight that can open up to allow easy entry to the roof, making it viable as a means of escape window in case of a fire and a practical, indoor passage up to your roof terrace should you have one.

Sliding flatglass rooflights are ideal for providing roof access in areas where high wind loadings may occur, making a hinged rooflight unsuitable.

lightway dome light flow

Electric Upgrade

If you want to enhance the performance and capabilities of your 230V electric hinged flat glass rooflight, an electric upgrade package can be purchased for even more comfort and luxury.

The Signature electric kit will allow you to change from wall switch operation to remote control for added convenience, while the thermostat panel automatically ventilates your home when necessary and rain sensor ensures your window closes at the first sign of rain.