Rear Double Storey Extension- Ealing

back of rear double storey extension ealing

Project Type: Flat roof rear double storey extension

House Type: Semi-detached

Location: Ealing, London

Time Taken: 5 months

Approx Cost: £100,000

Approx Value Added: £150,000

Built by: Artifex Construction-

Daylight: Fixed Flat Rooflights, Aluminium Sliding Doors, French Doors

What Was Done?

This bright and colourfully decorated west London terrace has had its ground floor extension enlarged from 30sqm to a more practical and family friendly 50 sqm.

This was achieved by knocking down the back and side walls and extending into the garden, seamlessly connecting indoors and outdoors with aluminium sliding doors.

The first floor extension above has also had a facelift with the back wall demolished and replaced with a pair of French doors which lead out onto a new balcony area.

front of extension

How Has The Extension Improved The Home? 

By devoting part of the garden and enlarging the old ground floor extension to the side, this vitally important area of the home has been transformed into a contemporary, practical kitchen/living/dining space.

The light, open space is now the ideal spot for the family to spend time together, with the attractive and thermally efficient sliding doors providing easy transition from home to garden during parties, family get togethers and everyday living.

The new and improved ground floor has also helped enhance the old first floor extension with a balcony that provides wonderful views of the green area behind the home and an extra place to unwind. 

What Daylight Was Added?

In the downstairs space, four fixed rooflights have been installed including an external walk-on rooflight on the balcony area to help shine light down into the kitchen area below. Shop Walk-on Rooflights.

The project follows and exceeds the general rule of daylighting an extension whereby the glazing area covers 15-20% of the total floorspace.

The sleek rooflights with frameless interior are non-opening as ample ventilation is provided by the large sliding doors. Frameless rooflights are available from Signature, standard or bespoke.

Our loyal partners Artifex Construction cover the London and Surrey areas