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Our Best-Selling Conservation Roof Windows

Conservation Roof Windows


Our Best-Selling Conservation Roof Windows

Conservation roof windows are a traditional style window that seamlessly blend into all old building roofs thanks to their black exterior profiles and the Victorian cast iron inspired glazing bar that runs down the middle of the window. These roof windows are perfect for traditional buildings like churches, barn conversions or just any roof that is darkly-tiled. 

If you live in a conservation area, you may be required to install a conservation roof window rather than a normal roof window. So, keep reading to gather an understanding of our best-selling windows! Or if you just fancy something a little different then that's fine, you can have one too!

1) VELUX GGL CK06 3570H Conservation Pine Laminated Centre Pivot Roof Window 55x118cm

VELUX Conservation Roof Windows


The manual opening VELUX GGL CK06 3570H is a classic pine framed window with a vertical centre bar and a black exterior finish, that effortlessly blends into the roof of any listed or old building. The GGL CK06 3570H is ideal for pitched roofs between 15° and 90°, and you'll be kept nice and warm during those winter months as the GGL has a U-Value of 1.3 W/m2K! To ensure you’re covered for faults, the GGL CK06 3570H  comes with a 10-year guarantee.

The window rotates 180° on its centre pivot and then locks in place so you can easily clean the conservation window from the comfort of your own home! The VELUX GGL CK06 3570H is the perfect choice for any renovation project.

Here is a guide on how to best install the VELUX GGL CK06 3750H.


2) RoofLITE CVX B701 C4A Conservation Pine Centre Pivot Roof Window 55x98cm

Unlike the VELUX GGL CK06 3570H, the RoofLITE CVX B701 C4A comes with a whopping 20-year guarantee! Not only that, RoofLITE conservation windows stand for superb energy performance and a sturdier construction with a classic twist to match every conservation roof, with the pine internal and black external finish. 

The outer pane of glass is toughened, whereas the inner pane is laminated for safety purposes - if something were to hit the glass, the glass would stay in place until you are able to replace it; only the best for our customers! Additionally, the glass is double glazed with a U-value of 1.4 W/m2K and 32 ( -1, -5 ) dB sound reduction - keeping in the warmth and keeping out the noisy roads! If that isn't enough to persuade you to purchase this best-seller, surely the flexible ventilation through the handle or ventilation valve should! The ventilation can also be manually operated and the window has a manual opening. 


3) FAKRO WGI/C 01 Conservation Pine Double Glazed Top Hung Access Skylight 46x55cm

FAKRO Conservation Roof WindowsFAKRO Conservation Roof Windows


The FAKRO WGI/C 01 conservation roof window isn't quite like the others we’ve looked at so far. It is only suitable for non-habitable rooms because thermally it doesn't comply with U-value requirements due to the 15ml glazing unit - hence why it is perfect for outbuildings and cold rooms. Nevertheless, it is still a favourite thanks to of its built-in integrated flashing that is suitable for all pitched roof materials, meaning you have nothing else to buy- nice and easy! Please note, this roof window is only suitable for roofs with a 15° - 60° roof pitch - but on the plus side, it gives you easy access to the roof! 

The FAKRO WGI/C 01 is top hung window with a sash that opens up and outwards and durable metal handle for secure locking and two venting positions. The window still looks as elegant on the outside as any other conservation roof window with its black external finish and glazing bar and with a 5-year guarantee - you can't go wrong!

Have a look at the installation guide


4) VELUX GGL CK04 2570 Conservation White Paint Laminated Centre Pivot Roof Window 55x98cm

The VELUX GGL CK04 2570 comes with a 10-year guarantee and is suitable for all roof pitches between 15° to 60°. The --70 pane boasts a U-value of 1.3 W/m2K, and consists of a laminated inner pane for safety, making it ideal for above head height installations.

The GGL CK04 2570 has the technically superior features of VELUX roof windows in a traditional conservation style - black externally and white internally with a pine frame material - you simply cannot go wrong with this conservation roof window! 

Check out the installation guide for the VELUX GGL CK04 2570 here


5) Heritage Conservation Manual Top Hung Roof Window 66.5x117.8cm 

Conservatio roof window     Conservation


The Heritage conservation manual top hung roof window is perfect for replicating Victorian cast iron roof windows - or for any new conservation project to preserve outstanding natural beauty! The window is aesthetically pleasing with its slim lines and black glazing bar that is featured internally and externally. The window has a stepped edge that overhangs, thus creating an appearance of authentic looking Victorian single glazed windows, when in actual fact, the window is double glazed! 

This Heritage conservation roof window is suitable for roofs with a pitch of 17.5°- 65° and comes with a 1-year guarantee. The glass is toughened and filled with argon - hence the high U-Value of 1.5 W/m2K - and the window can be opened with a high-level chrome winder. The internal lining of the window is paintable and moisture resistant - there are endless positives to this product, which is why it is a favourite! 

Check out the guide on how to install the Heritage roof window. Also if you fancy learning more about the Heritage roof windows check out our blog on the window! 


Make sure to check out all of these fantastic bestsellers, and I know what you are thinking, I need to grab a couple one of these conservation roof windows before they go out of stock! But do not worry, all of our best-selling products are always in stock! Also, be sure to keep an eye out for the remainder of our best seller series - check out our first instalment on centre pivot windows here! 

If you have any further queries regarding our best sellers, be sure to contact one of our expert team today.


About the blogger: This blog was expertly written by Eleanor Fuller, a former content and blog writer at Sterlingbuild HQ.