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Our Best-Selling Centre Pivot Roof Windows


Our Best-Selling Centre Pivot Roof Windows

Centre pivot roof windows are a type of roof window (in case you hadn't guessed!) designed to sit at a 15-90° angle on your ceiling or wall. This type of roof window is the most cost-effective solution to add more daylight and ventilation into your home compared to other leading models. It is also easier to install and a lot easier to clean due to the pivot being able to rotate 180°; you can clean from the comfort of your home - no dodgy window cleaners required! 

Centre pivot Roof Windows are available in either electricmanual or solar powered operation, and can be operated from either the top or bottom of the sash, meaning half the window opens into your home and the other half heads outside. Your best bet is to install the centre pivot roof window about head height to ensure you get the most out of your window and the views it provides - also so you don't bash your head when you're opening it! 

1) VELUX GGL CK02 2070 White Paint Laminated Centre Pivot Roof Window 55x78cm

       Opening VELUX GGU CK02 2070   VELUX GGL CK02 2070

The Velux GGL CK02 2070 is a refined and contemporary white painted roof window - which is why these are your favourites! With 35 dB sound reduction and a U-value of 1.3 W/m2K, this centre pivot window is the best way to add natural light and keep your house well ventilated with a laminated inner pane and a toughened outer pane for safety purposes. This centre pivot roof window as it is perfect for every installation, due to its sleek design and its bright white finish with discreet wood grain that matches effortlessly with all modern interiors.

VELUX is a favourite market leader due to being synonymous with roof windows. VELUX has manufactured roof windows for 74 years - now that's a long time! If that isn't a major selling point for the VELUX GGL CK02 2070 then what is?!

2) RoofLITE Slimline DPX B500 C2A Pine Centre Pivot Roof Window 55x78cm

  RoofLITE Slimline DPX

The RoofLITE Slimline DPX B500 C2A pine centre pivot roof window... why is it so long winded? You could easily lose your breath on saying that, but not your money! This roof window is the perfect alternative to VELUX centre pivot products as it is perfect for smaller budgets - so, it won't break the bank! RoofLITE is a sister company to VELUX, sharing some common components. RoofLITE offers excellent quality and value for money through the natural pine wood.

Thermally, it complies with current building regulation, so is great at retaining heat. The Slimline DPX has a U-value of 1.5 W/m2K and sound reduction of 30 ( -1, -5) dB. It is also very easy to install and with its slim frame (as the name suggests), it sits nicely on your roof. The RoofLITE window won't let your room over-heat, despite flooding it with masses of sunlight.

3) VELUX GGU MK04 0070 White Laminated Centre Pivot Roof Window 78x98cm

      VELUX GGU MK04 0070   VELUX GGU MK04 Opening        

The VELUX GGU MK04 0070 white laminated centre pivot roof window is favourite because of the moisture-resistant white polyurethane frame,  perfect for humid rooms like a bathroom or kitchen. Obviously, that is not the only reason why it's well-loved; the white internal finish that seamlessly blends into every room, the VELUX thermo-technology insulation fitted inside and the fact this roof window is the fastest way to add natural light to your room are all very good points as well! 

4) VELUX GGU CK02 0070 White Laminated Centre Pivot Roof Window 55x78cm


The VELUX GGU CK02 0070 is a smaller size of the MK04, making it perfect for smaller rooms and adding a little more light to dimly-lit spaces. The outer pane is toughened for safety purposes, whilst the inner pane is laminated with a contemporary white lacquer finish. The sound reduction is 35dB and the U-value is 1.3W/m2K, plus the VELUX GGU MK04 0070 is maintenance free... WOW! You could have just one of these or three in a row to add an extra little (get it!) modern touch to all of your rooms.

5) RoofLITE CORE AAX B510 C2A White Paint Centre Pivot Roof Window 55x78cm

        RoofLITE AAX B510   RoofLITE CORE AAX

Another long-winded name... let's just refer it to as the CORE AAX! The CORE AAX is another high-quality roof window that won't break your budget, adding a great finish to any home extension or loft conversion! As the perfect alternative to the VELUX centre pivot range, the CORE AAX is super easy to maintain, whilst keeping in the heat on those chilly Sunday mornings and limiting over heating during the sunny summer months! With a grey external finish and a white-painted inner frame, this roof window looks beautiful in all rooms and is a very good insulator with a U-value of 1.4 W/m2K, reducing sound at 32(-1.-5) dB. 


Make sure to check out all of these fantastic bestsellers, and I know what you are thinking, I need to grab a couple of these centre pivot roof windows before they go out of stock! But do not worry, all of our best-selling products are always in stock! Also, be sure to keep an eye out for the remainder of our best seller blog series!

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About the blogger: This blog was expertly written by Eleanor Fuller, a former content and blog writer at Sterlingbuild HQ.