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Add Daylight Without Installing Roof Windows Or Skylights

Great News! Lightway is a new Supplier for Sterlingbuild.

What does this mean for you and your property? More daylight delivered by a stylish, ingenuous design. The exceptional design of the Lightway sun tunnel range has enabled it to overcome many problems regularly associated with sun tunnels.

Let's take a look at this daylighting solution's special features.

1. Unique Glass Domes With a Longer Lifetime Guarantee

The smaller standard sized Lightway sun tunnel domes are handmade Bohemian crystal glass.

The elite design of Lightway Crystal sun tunnels means your dome won’t discolour like plastic domes do. Plus, the glass is self-cleaning, meaning dust, smog and other particulates won't stick.

The design of the crystal glass allows it to capture 99.7% of sunlight that comes in and channel it into your home.

For adding daylight to larger spaces, such as offices, swimming pools and factories, the Lightway Silver Plexiglas model is ideal. The smooth dome is made from hard acrylic glass, ensuring the surface is self-cleaning and won’t incur weather damage; this allows natural light to continue to flood into your home long after inferior models have deteriorated.


Soluar tubes | Lightway


2. Maximum Amount of daylight

Lightway reflective tubing is unlike any other sun tunnel tube.

Using plasma technology, the highly reflective material is made from chrome, aluminium and zinc, with an internal layer of silver that gives the most reflectivity. Unlike other sun tunnel tubes, the Lightway tube will not bubble, peel or distort sunlight transmission, so you can enjoy the maximum amount of daylight in your home.

Lightway is so confident in its sun tube's performance it provides a 25-year guarantee.


Solar Tubes | Lightway


3. Superior Performance

The Lightway Blue Performance provides benefits no other sun tunnel manufacturer can.

Blue Performance, an option you can select on our Lightway product pages, is a double or triple layer of glass with polystyrene XPS thermal insulation which will:

  • Catch condensation in the tube, stopping leaks and threat of mould
  • Stop solar gain in the summer and so prevent your home from overheating in hotter months
  • Halt the loss of heat from your home in winter through your installation.

4. A Stylish Finish

Not only does the internal sodium-potassium glass finish look more stylish than a plastic diffuser, it ensures sunlight is evenly distributed around your room for natural results.

Unlike plastic diffusers, the glass won’t discolour and will leave a continuous neat and stylish finish in your home.


Solar Tubes | Lightway


5. Easy Installation

The Lightway sun tunnel comes with full installation instructions. See for yourself how easy installation is:

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