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Lightway Crystal 300 HP Basic Kit for Pitched Roof 1.6m

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Product Description

The Lightway Crystal sun tunnel adds more natural daylight to the home than competitor products and guarantees performance that will be as good in years to come as on the first day you installed it.

This sun tunnel size is ideal for ensuite bathrooms, walk-in wardrobes & cupboards.

Why does it perform better than competitor brands?

  • Bohemian Crystal glass dome collects 30% more natural daylight than polycarbonate equivalents
  • Very little maintenance - the glass dome is self-cleaning and won't deteriorate, yellow, rust, or rot over time
    • Lightway is so confident in its tube's performance, it has a 25 years guarantee
  • Extremely reflective sun tube, with 99.8% reflectivity
    • Made with advanced electroplated techniques, using layers of silver, copper and other precious metals
    • Results in a very solid, highly reflective layer; compared to competitors that use a silver foil layer
  • Sturdy clips holds tube in place rather than tape that will unstick
  • Glass diffuser, as opposed to a plastic one, allowing light to be evenly distributed throughout your room
  • Whether you purchase a flat or pitched roof sun tunnel, the Lightway Crystal will easily fit between rafters and joists, requiring no alterations
  • Very aesthetically-pleasing on your roof

How many sun tunnels do I need for my room?

The more you install, the better the results.

As with vertical windows and skylights, the more space you give daylight to get into your room, the better the results. We advise you purchase the biggest you can, and aim for 1 or 2 sun tunnels to be installed in the centre of your room, or a handful of smaller sun tunnels evenly spaced around the room. The brilliant thing about a sun tunnel is that they are suitable for any room and won't look out of place! 

This chart shows which sun tunnel size is best suited to a type of room.

Tunnel diameter

Room size

Room type




Small rooms, cupboards and short corridors




Hallways, small bathrooms or specific area of a larger space




Large hallways, stairwell and bathrooms




Kitchens, bedrooms and living rooms


How much daylight will this sun tunnel produce?

3 lightbulbs on a sunny day, 2 lightbulbs on a cloudy day.

The handmade Bohemian Crystal dome is unique to the Lightway Crystal sun tunnel. The crystal glass dome doesn't distort the colours of sunlight, and provides a unique movement of continuously shifting light spectrum as the sun changes position.

The light quality from the Lightway Crystal is incomparable to a standard electric bulb. Your sun tunnel will give out far more light than most energy-efficient bulbs on the market, and this light will be warm natural light, incorporating the complete colour spectrum, as opposed to the limited capabilities of a standard bulb.

Installation available by Authorized Lightway Sunpipe Installer from only £200* - please call for details (prices are subject to location and number of systems).

Product Specification

Application Pitched roof
Brand Lightway
Compatible Roof Material(s) Universal
Diameter 23cm (9")
Diffuser Material Sodium-potassium glass
Dome Material Bohemian crystal
Guarantee 25 years
Internal Tube Material Sterling silver
Pack Includes Bohemian crystal dome, glass diffuser & white trim, flashing & collar, ceiling tube, 2x 625mm long reflective tube, 45° adjustable elbow
Reflective Tube Guarantee 25 years
Roof Pitch 15-90°
Room Size 4-10 m²
Style Pitched roof
Tube Length 1.6m
Tube Type Rigid

Customer reviews

06 February 2018
12 October 2017
The lightway brings daylight into a previously lightless room and was relatively easy to install as a DIY project.
11 October 2017
Used to bring more light into a kitchen following the addition of a conservatory. Fitted two Lightway 300HP's and the difference is nothing short of amazing. Even on a dull day you could swear they had two 100watt bulbs in them. Additional security of a 25 year guarantee whereas some other units costing nearly double only guarantee theres for 10 years!
09 March 2017
A light on throwing the daylight into the area ... ...

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