Why Blinds Are Essential For Your Home

‌Blinds are not just the decorative feature most people see them to be, they are a necessary accessory to your roof window as they have many benefits.

By Annabel West on 17 August 2018

roof window blinds in a variety of colours

Having a blind improves the privacy of your home, controls the levels of light coming into a room and helps maintain a comfortable indoor temperature. 

It is very beneficial to let in the maximum amount of daylight possible into your home, however, it is essential to have blinds so that you can control the heat and light levels as well as reduce incoming glare. 

The use of air conditioning has increased by 46% in the last six years due to the lack of blinds used in buildings where there is a large amount of glass used. This has a major impact on people since air conditioning units recycle the warm air in the room by sucking it in and using chemicals to cool it down, before pumping it back out. 

There is no fresh air in this process! It is therefore healthier to cool a building down by using blinds and letting in fresh air via ventilation.

roof window blinds installed in loft

Installing a blind can save you up to 50% on energy costs and will help cool down your building in a healthier way then an air conditioning unit. Even the most effective solar control glass is not as beneficial as having a blind alongside your roof window! By using blinds, you could use clearer and cheaper glass to save money. This could even mean better views and would allow energy to flow both ways helping the room stay warm in the winter and cool in the summer.

So, considering these major benefits, blinds are a very useful accessory! At Sterlingbuild we sell all sorts of blinds from the brands; ECO+, RoofLITE, FAKRO and VELUX.

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Blind Designs at Sterlingbuild

Blackout blinds provide complete darkness so that you can maintain a comfortable sleeping environment in your bedroom.

Duo-blackout blinds combine a blackout blind with a pleated blind so that you can have softly diffused natural light during the day and complete darkness during the night. 

Disney Blackout blinds are a great way to decoratively brighten up your child’s room and will provide 100% darkness during their sleeping periods, helping them to stay asleep for longer. 

winnih the pooh blinds

Roller blinds are very economical, coming in a variation of colours that will fit in with any style of home, whether you’re looking for a deep luxurious red or a neutral beige. These blinds help to reduce the glare from the sun and allow for some privacy in your home. 

Venetian blinds are moisture resistant and easily cleaned so that any steam created will not cause any damage to the blind. The blinds are made up of slats that can easily be tilted to any angle to alter the amount and direction of the light flowing in. They also redirect harsh daylight.

Pleated blinds provide privacy and diffuse the sunlight; however, these are a more flexible range as they can be placed anywhere in the window so that you can adjust the blind according to where the sun is coming from.

Roman blinds are a more decorative blind, as these are interchangeable material blinds that can suit any style. These blinds have no visible cords and can easily be taken down for cleaning.

roman blinds for roof windows

Fly screens are perfect for the summer, during the hot weather and can be combined with other blinds to provide ultimate control.

Energy saving blinds improve the insulation of a window by 26%, so they are more suitable for the cold winter periods. The insulation effect is due to the aluminum honeycomb structure in between a double pleated cloth.

Roller Shutters are a more durable and secure exterior blind that provides absolute darkness during the day and night, as well as providing sound proofing from different weather conditions. 

roller shutters for roof windows

Awning blinds are transparent and weather resistant, they reduce passive heating by up to 72% and fit on the exterior on your window. 

So, when you decide to build an extension with a flat roof window or a pitched roof window, be sure to consider which blind you need to purchase alongside your window so that you can better control your home’s environment. Read more about choosing the right blind in our Blinds Buying Guide.