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Roll Up Roll up! Warm Coloured Blinds For VELUX Windows

red VELUX blinds fitted on VELUX pitched roof windows


One of the biggest incentives for homeowners when installing a pitched roof window or rooflight is the thought of filling the entirety of their room with sunlight. Natural light from the sun not only makes spaces brighter, but healthier and larger feeling too.

Anybody, however, who has sat down in a chair with their favourite book on a spring or summer’s afternoon will know the uncomfortable feeling of the sun’s powerful glare shining down on them- great for your tan, not so much for your reading. 

As well as this common irritation, too many UV rays can also damage furniture, causing your sofa and chairs to slowly fade over time.

This is what makes the humble blind so practical. Their primary function of blocking out the sun, partially or completely, is a godsend when it comes to power naps, while their stylish designs make them integral to the overall makeup of your kitchen, bedroom or living area, providing that extra touch of pizzazz.

When it comes to selecting the right blind style and colour for a VELUX roof window, we are seriously spoilt for choice. Not only do we have to decide if it's  Roman blindsVenetian blinds or blackout blinds that we want, but there is also operation style to consider and a vast array of colours to choose from.

In this article, we will focus on the warm colours; red, orange and yellow. There are currently six different shades of red blinds available from VELUX, along with four varieties of orange and five types of yellow. These different shades are available for certain types of blinds only, as made clear below.

Red VELUX Blinds

Red blinds have the power to make rooms feel even more warm and cosy when attached to a pitched roof window, as the rich colour keep things feeling snug. In addition to making rooms more welcoming, adding a splash of red in the home can make your space a more enticing and vibrant one.

With half a dozen shades of rouge available to choose from, why not give your window (or windows) the red blind treatment and make them really stand out.

Dark Red

dark red VELUX blackout blind

Available in blackout & pleated 

manual, electric & solar   

Flash Red

flash red VELUX blackout blind

Available in blackout & pleated    

manual, electric & solar

Bright Red

bright red VELUX roller blind

Available in roller 

manual, electric and solar 

Passionate Red

passionate red Venetian VELUX blinds

Available in Venetian   

manual operation only

Classic Red    

classic red pleated VELUX blinds

Available in pleated

manual & electric    


Available in energy saving pleated

manual, electric & solar

‌Orange VELUX Blinds

The future is bright, the fute…....come on, we’re not that obvious are we? Adding a touch of orange to an existing kitchen or can fill the room with additional warmth and softness. As well as being an attractive complement to white walls and ceilings, orange also gels nicely with grey, making it ideal for contemporary, stylish bedrooms.

When the need arises to lower the blinds to stem the glare of the sun, eye-catching orange blinds will remind you of the sun's beauty and warmth even when rolled down.


orange blackout VELUX blinds

Available in blackout, pleated & energy saving

manual, electric & solar


orange vegetal blackout VELUX blinds

Available in blackout & pleated

manual & electric       

Burned Orange  

burned orange pleated blinds for VELUX windows

Available in pleated 

manual & electric 

Sunny Orange

sunny orange pleated blinds for VELUX windows

Available in pleated

manual & electric

‌Yellow VELUX Blinds

Why not give your home an extra ray of sunshine in the form of yellow VELUX blinds. With yellow being the colour of hope and happiness, installing a yellow blind on your roof window can make you feel better inside, as well as more positive and energetic.

The colour spectrum of our fresh and contemporary shades of yellow is a diverse one. At one end we have very bright and vivid tones of yellow, while at the other end we have more neutral shades that edge more towards a sand/brown look.

Bright Yellow

bright yellow blackout blinds for VELUX windows

Available in blackout, roller & pleated

Manual, electric & solar  


curry yellow blackout blinds for VELUX windows

Available in blackout & pleated

manual, electric & solar    

Sunny Yellow

sunny yellow pleated blinds for VELUX windows

Available in pleated

manual & electric 


yellow energy saving pleated blinds for VELUX windows

Available in energy saving pleated 

manual, electric & solar

Sunny Stripes

sunny stripes pleated blinds for VELUX windows

Available in pleated

manual & electric 

For more information on blind styles, guidance on finding your window size and accessory suggestions, read our Blinds Buying Guide. Browse our complete range of blinds and shutters for even more options on colours, along with top end and bargain blinds, including cheap roman blinds and cheap roller blinds. You will not find a better price anywhere else online thanks to our price match promise!