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Much More Than Just A Roof Window!

velux integra windows

VELUX has put years of specialist knowledge, R&D and customer feedback into the VELUX INTEGRA roof window to make ventilating your living space healthier and more convenient.

VELUX INTEGRA roof windows will improve the comfort of your home, as well as make life a little easier for you. With electric and solar windows you'll create a stunning installation that will add value to your property. And when you buy them from us, you'll save time and money.

Read on to find out what the VELUX INTEGRA will bring to your home and health.

The Ultimate in Comfort

velux electric windows

This innovative wall switch controlled window lets you operate one or all of your INTEGRA windows with the touch of a button. Not only the windows, but VELUX electric and solar blinds and shutters too.

Forget going round and manually closing all your windows when it starts getting draughty or when leaving the house, one press of the INTEGRA wall switch can get the job done in seconds. There's no need to struggle with bothersome control rods either, meaning you can install your INTEGRA windows as high up in your roof as you like.

Control Your INTEGRA Windows from Your Phone

With VELUX ACTIVE, you can now operate your VELUX electric windows and solar windows on your mobile phone from anywhere in the home. The free VELUX ACTIVE app allows you to customise daily routines with pre-defined shortcuts, such as opening and closing all blinds and shutters for bright mornings and a good night’s sleep.

What's more, VELUX ACTIVE can automatically take care your home's indoor climate without you even needing to lift a finger. The smart home technology built into VELUX ACTIVE monitors temperture, C02 and humidity levels, which it can then react to accordingly by closing or opening windows to ensure a healthy environment 24/7.

These atmospheric factors can also be tracked from your phone, alerting you when your room could do with a burst of fresh air or when it's getting too cold in your loft, for example.

Improved Indoor Climate and Wellbeing


The benefits of fresh air to your health, including strengthening your immune system and reducing blood pressure, are well known. Poor indoor air quality, caused by poorly ventilated rooms, showering and cooking, can affect your general well-being.

By using the pre-defined ventilation programmes on the VELUX ACTIVE app, your home can enjoy automatic airing throughout the day.

Weather Worry Resistant

Trust that your room will stay protected and dry if the weather turns and you’re not there to close your roof windows. All VELUX INTEGRA windows have a rain sensor that automatically closes your window when it starts to rain.

This sensor is discreetly built into the window's frame and reacts at the at the very first drop of rain. The INTEGRA rain sensor can be overridden if necessary.

Easy to Install

velux integra in loft conversion

Installation of VELUX INTEGRA windows is just as easy as installing a standard VELUX window. The difference is the window needs to be hooked into a power source.

The mains-powered INTEGRA is integrated directly into your home’s electrics. The solar-powered INTEGRA model has an integrated solar cell that automatically charges the window (even in our winters!). The solar cell needs direct exposure to sunlight, but has no wires making installation even quicker and easier.