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VELUX Curved Glass Rooflights Are Here!

VELUX curved glass rooflights are now available in the UK from Sterlingbuild.

Introducing CurveTech...

It’s finally here! VELUX’s long-awaited curved glass rooflight landed in the UK this week, with five sizes being released and a further three coming at the end of May.

The curved glass rooflight is the latest addition to VELUX’s award-winning flat roof window family and comes with some pretty cool features that will give you the easiest of decisions if you’re looking to install a VELUX flat roof window.

CurveTech is the name of VELUX’s innovative design for their curved glass top cover. Its purpose is to provide a simple, modern-looking finish to this unique product, with external aesthetics key to its construction.

The curve-shaped glass provides natural drainage for your roof, letting rainwater elegantly slide down the cover, ensuring a clearer view of the sky and more natural daylight entering your home.

Another major step forward from the leaders in the roof window market, VELUX.

CurveTech is VELUX's innovative design that makes the newest member of their flat roof family awe-inspiring. Buy today from Sterlingbuild.

What Does a Curved Glass Rooflight Consist of?

The curved glass top cover has a 6mm thick, scratch-free glazing pane with a glass-to-edge design that extends beyond the supporting frame, meaning a bigger area for daylight to seep into your room.

The VELUX curved glass rooflight will not look out of place on your roof - it doesn’t matter if you’re covering it in felt, rubber or EPDM. A black external coating applied to the rooflight offers a discreet, professional-looking finish that is guaranteed to match in with your chosen flat roof material.

The internal flat roof window consists of a highly-insulated kerb, constructed from PVC and an integrated 2-layer low-energy pane that ensures heat doesn’t escape through the window.

VELUX curved glass rooflights can be ordered from Sterlingbuild. Find a lower price, we'll match it and you'll get a FREE GIFT!

Fixed? Electric? The Choice is Yours...

Curved glass rooflights from VELUX are available in a simple, non-opening form or an awe-inspiring electronically operated format. Both versions come with an exceedingly low U-value of 1.2W/m²K that allows for reduced energy consumption – saving money on those energy bills!

Electronically operated VELUX INTEGRA curved glass rooflights come ready to go with a handheld remote control, allowing for easy operation at the touch of a button. The windows feature automated operation and a plethora of pre-set programmes for automatic ventilation and daylight control.

With prices starting from just £458+VAT, the VELUX curved glass rooflight is a welcome addition to the VELUX flat roof family.

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