VELUX Blinds- Guide To Finding The Perfect Match

Find the perfect match for your VELUX windows with our easy to understand guide to VELUX blinds convering everything from style and size, to operation and installation.

By Larry Bohan on 19 Feb 2019

Yellow VELUX Blinds in loft conversion

One of the driving forces behind most home extensions is a desire for more daylight. Harnessing natural light from the sun is an essential component in turning old, unused lofts into fresh and inviting spaces through the introduction of VELUX roof windows.

But there are also times when sunlight isn’t as welcome, such as when you're trying to nap, enjoy a lay in or read a book. This is why blinds are so essential to making rooms as comfortable and utilizable as possible.

As well as diffusing or blacking out daylight, blinds can also help control temperature and noise, while a certain colour and style can make a huge impression on a room’s décor. The importance of good sun screening is evident when you browse through the sizeable and hugely varied collection that is VELUX blinds.

But with so many thousands of different colour, operation, style and size combinations available, the process of selecting the right VELUX blinds can be confusing and time consuming for many.

Our guide to VELUX blinds hopes to make buying a little simpler. From finding your code to understanding the USPs of different types of blinds, we hope to help you find the perfect VELUX blinds for your roof windows.

Selecting the Right Size


First and foremost, you need to know what the type and size of your VELUX window is. This if fairly simple to do. Every VELUX roof window has its own personalized code telling you what window you have and therefore what blind you need.

All VELUX roof windows made after 1968 have a data plate (or type sign) giving exact information about the model. You'll find it in the right corner of the top sash, behind the ventilation flap.

Check your roof window’s data plate and then use the size code to find its measurements on the chart below.


Manual, Electric or Solar?

VELUX Blackout blinds

Before choosing the colour and design of your blind, it makes sense to decide how you want your blind to operate. Whether you need manual VELUX blinds, electric VELUX blinds or solar VELUX blinds, the good news is that most designs are available in all three operation types.

A lot of owners tend to match their blind with the operation method of their window. However, you don’t have to buy this way.

If you want to leisurely open and shut your blinds or rollers shutters from anywhere in the room, electric velux blinds can be fitted to a manual velux window with a VELUX KUX 110

Even better, solar powered VELUX blinds can be fitted directly onto a manual VELUX window as they are powered purely by energy from the sun.

Operating electric velux blinds with VELUX ACTIVE

With the introduction of VELUX ACTIVE last year, using your solar and electric VELUX blinds with your VELUX INTEGRA windows is easier and more practical than ever before.

VELUX ACTIVE allows users to open and close their windows and blinds with their mobile phone, on which they can also monitor indoor climate. This home automation system also allows the automatic operation of VELUX blinds to set routines.

If you want to save a bit of money and go for a manual VELUX blind, a special purpose telescopic control rod can help open and close high up installations, ensuring there are no limits on where you can fit your window.

Picking a Style

VELUX roller shutters

Catering for every homeowner’s individual aesthetic preference and light diffusion requirements, VELUX blinds come in several different designs. Some block out the sun entirely, while some offer soft diffusion. Some are better at trapping warmth inside a room, where others prevent overheating.

Here is a basic rundown of every type of VELUX blind for pitched roof windows to help you decide which suits your needs best:

Blackout Blinds- Offer almost total blackout of daylight. Stepless positioning. 24 colours. All 3 operation types.

Duo Blackout Blinds- Allow either complete blackout or soft diffusion of daylight. Stepless positioning. 24 colours. Manual operation. Less than £20 to upgrade from manual blackout blinds.

Blackout Energy Blinds- Same blackout qualities as regular VELUX blackout blinds, but with up to 25% improved insulation. 12 colours. Double pleated cloth. No visible cords. Stepless positioning. Manual operation.

Replacement Blackout Blinds (below)- Low-cost replacement blinds for pre-2013 VELUX windows. 93.1% blackout. 4 colours. Stepless positioning. Manual operation.

velux replacement blackout blinds


Flying Pleated Blinds- Softens incoming daylight. Can be positioned anywhere on the window. Dual control bar allows adjustment from the top and bottom of the roof window to let in exactly the right amount of light. Raft of colours and light effects. All 3 operation types.

Light Dimming Energy Blinds- Privacy and diffusion of incoming sunlight. Double pleated cloth. Electric and solar operation. 

Childrens Collection- Designed for kids. 99% blackout fabric. Sparks imagination. No harmful substances. Winnie the Pooh blinds. Frozen Blinds. Cars blinds.

Venetian Blinds- Complete control of incoming daylight, easier to manipulate direction. Aluminium design for easy cleaning. Ideal for kitchens and en-suite bathrooms. Cordless. 9 colours. Manual operation

VELUX roller blinds

Roller Blinds (above)- Perfect for any room requiring basic privacy and the ability to soften incoming light. 9 colours. All 3 operation types.

Roman Blinds- Decorative blinds with popular waterfall effect. Fabrics can be removed for easy cleaning. Replacement fabrics available to buy individually for different looks. 8 colour patterns. Manual operation.

Awning Blinds- Positioned externally to stop sunlight and heat hitting the window. Ideal for keeping homes cool in summer. Reduces heat by up to 73%. Weather resistant fabric. Installed from inside the home. All three operation types. ZOZ 228 must be ordered to fit solar and electric blinds to pre-2001 VELUX windows.

Roller Shutters- External blinds to keep out the sun and prevent overheating. Provides additional security and protection from the elements. Reduces the sound of rain and hail. All three operation types.

Choosing a Colour

VELUX blinds for top hung windows in loft

There is not much to be said on choosing a colour for your VELUX blinds. Once you know what colours and patterns are available for the size and operation you need, it's simply a case of deciding which scheme goes best with your new or existing furniture and décor.

The most popular colours we sell here at Sterlingbuild are the neutral colours, such as grey, white, beige and black. However, choosing another colour, such as orange or purple, will have no bearing on light diffusion- this is down to the material.

For a bit more inspiration on some of the more brightly coloured VELUX blinds available, check out our blog Roll up Roll up- Warm Coloured blinds for VELUX Windows.

Installing Your VELUX Blinds


VELUX blinds can be installed in a matter of minutes. If you're buying your VELUX blinds after your roof windows have already been installed, there is no reason you shouldn't be able to put the blinds up yourself.

VELUX's unique Pick&Click mounting system that is built into all new VELUX windows makes instructions straightforward to follow. No cutting or trimming is required.

To install, simply click the top of your new VELUX blind into the pre-installed brackets on your VELUX roof windows and mount the side rails. Your VELUX blinds are now ready to use.

If you happen to lose or misplace your instructions, you can find installation guides attached to all of our indiviudal blinds product pages. Or, if you need further assistance on dismounting your old blinds or fitting blinds onto older generation VELUX windows, please give one of our friendly experts a call use our online chat.

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