3 Good Reasons to Get VELUX ACTIVE For Your Electric Roof Windows

VELUX ACTIVE smart home technology provides homeowners with a permanently healthier indoor climate and the luxury of operating VELUX INTEGRA roof windows by mobile or voice control.


Installing VELUX ACTIVE in the home enables users to open and close VELUX electric or solar windows and blinds in the most convenient way possible.

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Here is what comes in the ACTIVE pack:


Indoor Climate Sensor:

velux indoor climate sensor

Measures temperature, humidity and c02 levels within the home

Departure Switch

velux departure switch

Triggers the closure of all roof windows when going to bed or leaving the house


Connects wirelessly to internet and allows operation from outside local network

Three Reasons to Try VELUX ACTIVE

Helps Create a Healthier Home

The state of the air in our homes can be a worry for many, especially given the amount of time we now spend indoors. VELUX ACTIVE continuously monitors temperature, CO2 levels and humidity within a room to give homeowners a clear indication of indoor climate.

If desired, VELUX INTEGRA windows can respond to these readings and open/close automatically to keep your internal environment fresh, healthy and comfortable at all times with minimal effort. 

We utilised the Velux Active kit on six electronically operated windows (St Margaret's Refurb), to maintain the optimum temperature and air quality for the room and its occupants, which as studies show are very beneficial for your health and wellbeing," Matt Storey, Aesir Construction.


Easier Operation

Indoor climate can be measured on mobile phone courtesy of the VELUX ACTIVE app, which can also be used to operate roof windows from the luxury of anywhere in the home or anywhere in the world for that matter.

Compatible with Apple HomeKit, you can also ask Siri to open and close your windows. VELUX ACTIVE also features programmes that let you create set routines for opening your windows and blinds.

Simple Setup


VELUX ACTIVE indoor climate control can be installed without any professional help with the use of the VELUX ACTIVE app. A setup assistant will guide your through connecting the gateway to the network, pairing the devices and configuring the rooms etc.