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Home Improvement Ideas- Triple Glazed Rooflights

signature triple glazed rooflights

To many people, triple glazing is still considered a luxury window feature that is too costly and not worth the upgrade from double glazing.

While it's true that windows made up of three panes of glass will always cost more those made with two, some manufacturers are debunking the notion of triple glazing as an unaffordable, luxurious extra.

Brands in the roof window industry are doing this by offering triple glazing, and the many benefits that come with it, on entire ranges at a cost not far removed from their double glazed options. This extra outlay is nothing when you consider how much that extra pane of glass will help you recoup over the years through energy savings.

Similar to how ECO+ have now made triple glazing standard for pitched roof windows, UK rooflight brand, Signature, is a prime example of a manufacturer that is changing the expectation of what a window’s glazing should offer.

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signature flat glass rooflights

Signature triple glazed rooflights are one of Sterlingbuild’s made to measure products. This bespoke service allows you to choose either a triple glazed rooflight from Signature’s standard sized collection at the listed price or have a triple glazed rooflight built to non-standard dimensions and any other customisation you might like. 

While it's great that brands like Signature are making triple glazed rooflights more obtainable, what is it about triple glazing that makes it such a worthwhile investment? Let’s take a look.

Benefits of Triple Glazing

Energy Efficicency

triple glazed flat glass rooflights

Energy efficiency is the biggest advantage triple glazed skylights have over double glazed models and is the primary reason that 5% of all windows bought in the UK are now built with triple glazing.

Triple glazing can be twice as good as double glazing when it comes to heat retention. In regards to rooflights, the difference will rarely be as big as this, but will still be very significant.

The heat retention of a window, so how well it keeps a room warm, is best indicated by looking at the window’s U-value. 

U-values have taken on greater importantance in the last decade or so as the UK Government and millions of us Brits have started to make a greater effort to lower our carbon footprint. 

signature rooflight installed in home

The lower the U-value, the more energy efficient the window is. The more energy efficient the window is, the less fuel that has to be burned to run our heating and lightbulbs. The less heating and electricity we use, the more money we save on utility bills.

Having that additional pane of glass in a window unit will improve heat retention substantially and ensure the room below is warmer- a lifesaver during the cold winter months.

The spaces between the three panes of glass in a triple-glazed window unit are commonly filled with a gas to improve insulation further. On Signature rooflights, and the majority of Sterlingbuild flat roof windows, the gas used is argon- the most popular choice in the roof window industry.

Signature tripled glazed rooflights have a U-value of 1.2 W/m²K- a rating that is below the average (below being a good thing!).

triple glazed flat roof windows in dining room

If you are worried about all this gas and glass making your home too hot during the summer, there is nothing to worry about if you have another form of natural ventilation nearby. Alternatively, additional treatments can be applied to the glass for greater solar control- an option that is available on all Signature triple glazed rooflights.

Though more expensive than non-opening flat roof windows, electric rooflights are the ideal 'all year round' option and ultimate insulation-ventilation combo.

Carrying the same U-values as Signature fixed models but with fresh air on demand, Signature electric rooflights can also provide easy and regular access to the roof should you need to carry out maintenance or have a terrace up there.

All this is not to say that double glazed rooflights are not adequate enough to keep your home warm or save you money, they are, it’s just that triple glazed rooflights are even better.


condensation in roof windows

The lower the U-value the less likely the chances of condensation forming in the window. Triple glazed rooflights are, for this reason, a lot less prone to condensation than double glazed flat roof windows. 

Condensation occurs through a build up of moisture in the air coming into contact with a cold surface. This is why kitchens and bathroom windows, where water is constantly running, are so vulnerable.

Triple glazed skylights and roof windows, therefore, are very suited to kitchens and dining room areas, not only for repelling condensation but also for shining natural light on the area directly below, making it a brighter, healthier and happier space to cook and eat.

The argon gas that fills tripled glazed rooflights also helps fight condensation, as the gas keeps the window warm. The centre pane in Signature triple glazed rooflights has a U-value of 0.8- not good news for moisture, but great news for your room.

Noise Reduction

noise reduction triple glazed roof windows

OK, triple glazing is great at trapping heat inside the room, but what about the stuff you want to keep outside your four walls? The sound of noisy neighbours, road traffic, buildings works for example. Whatever it may be, triple glazed rooflights will help drown out any unwanted exterior noise thanks to its better sound insulated glass.

Until you’ve experienced it, you might not realise just how much of a difference this can make to the overall quality of everyday living. It can make the simple pleasures of reading a book more enjoyable and ensure your favourite show is not spoiled by the dog down the road that will not stop barking.

Signature rooflights with triple glazing have an acoustic reduction of 35 RwdB. Going by the decibel scale, this will reduce the sound of a busy road to less than a whisper.


two triple glazed rooflights installed on roof

Despite great leaps in the security technology used in windows over the years, protection from intruders remains the biggest concern for some. Having triple glazing instead of double glazing can add to the peace of mind of users when at home and out.

Tougher and more secure, triple glazed skylights will make break ins that bit more difficult. The toughened glass used on Signature rooflights will also drastically reduce the chances of any object smashing the window.

Triple Glazed Rooflights at Sterlingbuild

signature flat glass rooflight in lounge

As well as being built with all the benefits just listed, Signature tripled glazed rooflights do not compromise on appearance. As the border on Signature rooflights glass is not required, the nice profiled frame gives less wasted glass area, meaning more light and better views of the sky above.

Installation has also been rightly considered by Signature. Designed to sit on a builder's kerb, Signature rooflights can quickly be made weathertight during the early build stages.

FAKRO is another manufacturer which supplies triple glazed rooflights (and quadruple glazed too) with outstanding U-values.  Flat roof window specialist ECO+ also offers a triple glazed rooflight through its innovative EDGE spherical glass rooflight.

If you’re interested in purchasing one of these tripled glazed rooflights, you can shop Signature flat glass windows here. Or if you want to know more about the glazing and colour options available in our bespoke service, contact one of our sales team on 01303 258641.

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