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Tell Me More About...White Roof Windows

All you need to know about white roof windows

White Roof Windows

There’s been a monumental shift in the roof window market over the last few years, neatly coinciding with a change in the average homeowner’s interior design tastes. More people are craving that modern, minimalistic, clean looking finish to their interior that will match their high gloss kitchen or state-of-the-art flat screen TV, whilst also complementing their existing white windows. Due to their popularity, white roof windows are more readily available and affordable compared to their pine counterpart.

Depending on which brand of roof window you choose, you're guaranteed a plethora of different options when it comes to opening method and glazing type. For instance, if RoofLITE roof windows take your fancy then you could opt for a traditionally vintage centre-pivot roof window with ease of operation whether it's installed at eye-level or above head height. Looking to upgrade from manual operation to remote control operated? VELUX's INTEGRA electric or solar powered roof windows would perfectly match your desire to add that WOW factor to your home. Or if you simply wish to enjoy the stunning views that surround your home, then FAKRO's top hung roof window might just be for you.

The three different white window materials explored in this blog all have a few things in common;

  • They don’t require treating or maintenance, making them ideal for any out-of-reach installation
  • They're all perfect for humid rooms because of their low-maintenance nature
  • They'll suit any interior finish

White-painted Roof Windows

White-painted roof windows were brought in to the market due to the increase in popularity of shabby-chic interiors. These skylights are highly engineered, and manufactured using certified wood, finished with a water-based white paint, allowing the natural grain to show through and the wood to breathe.

One of the biggest positives about white-painted roof windows is that they are maintenance free, meaning these windows fit perfectly in to humid rooms like bathrooms and kitchens. Plus, these windows are wipe-clean, making them ideal for out-of-reach installations.

White-painted roof windows are available from VELUXFAKRO and RoofLITE with prices starting from just £107+VAT.

White-painted roof windows for your home

White Polyurethane Roof Windows

Polyurethane has long been the standard option when it comes to white roof windows. Over the last decade, VELUX white finish polyurethane windows have been the most popular choice for brand-led consumers wanting to reflect more light into their home. White polyurethane (sometimes better known by the acronym PU) roof windows consist of a solid timber core, coated in a high quality moulded polyurethane surround.

Like the white-painted window, white polyurethane skylights are ideal for humid rooms due to their low-maintenence nature. You can install white polyurethane windows at both eye-level and in out-of-reach spots.

White polyurethane roof windows are available from VELUX and FAKRO, with prices starting from just £187+VAT.

White polyurethane roof windows

White PVC Roof Windows

UPVC windows are made of polyvinyl chloride, the third most widely produced synthetic plastic polymer in the world. The plastic nature of these windows allows for a smooth finish with no risk of damage or disrepair over time.

Like the white-painted and polyurethane windows, uPVC skylights are ideal for humid rooms such as kitchens and bathrooms. These white windows can be installed in out-of-reach areas, or at eye-level.

White PVC roof windows are available from FAKRO, RoofLITE and ECO+ with prices starting from just £130+VAT.

White PVC roof windows at Sterlingbuild