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Tell Me More About...uPVC Roof Windows

FAKRO uPVC roof windows are low in maintenance and built to last. Free delivery on orders over £50.

So you’ve made the decision to install a roof window into your home and now you don’t know which material of roof window to go for. Well, might I suggest a uPVC roof window – and I’ll tell you why.

Letting lots of natural light into your home is a great way to make it feel bigger and it is scientifically proven to make you feel good too – the more daylight your body gets, the healthier you are. But choosing which finish of roof window will best suit your home is a big decision in itself and this is where we’re going to talk about uPVC rooflights.

Less Maintenance

UPVC skylight windows are made of polyvinyl chloride and are the world’s third-most widely produced synthetic plastic polymer. Its plastic nature allows for a smooth finish which means if any dirt attaches itself to its service, you can simply wipe it clean and there won't be any damage to the frame material or the window itself.

With uPVC being so easy to maintain and keep clean, this means the unit itself will last for a much longer amount of time than its pine counterpart; with many pine windows falling into disrepair into its second decade if not properly maintained.

High quality uPVC skylights from Sterlingbuild are available from only £130. Price match promise and free delivery.

Suits any Interior Finish

You could have the pinkest of walls, or the most ogre of green wallpaper but it won’t matter with a uPVC skylight. Its modern look means the uPVC roof window will suit any interior finish whether it is a kitchen, living room, bathroom or study.

The clean white finish of the roof window will be welcome in any room with the wackiest of interior designs. UPVC rooflights can adapt to any environment and look timeless as the years roll on.

ECO+ uPVC roof windows at Sterlingbuild are high in quality and low in price. Free GB delivery on orders over £50.

Don’t get Confused With Polyurethane

White polyurethane roof windows are a whole different animal (and a whole other blog!). Consisting of a solid timber interior coated in a quality moulded polyurethane surround. Aesthetically there isn't much difference between a uPVC and white polyurethane roof window except for no visible corners on a polyurethane window. Rounded edges make cleaning easier. PVC is longer lasting and has fantastic thermal properties as well as matching other PVC windows in your home.

VELUX do not manufacturer white uPVC roof window; only white polyurethane and white painted skylights. If you're after white polyurethane VELUX roof windows or white painted VELUX roof windows, in particular, you can find them by clicking the appropriate links.

VELUX White Roof Windows For Less | Sterlingbuild

ECO+, RoofLITE – Take Your Pick

UPVC roof windows are available in three brands on our website: ECO+RoofLITE and FAKRO with prices starting from just £83+VAT, so you can grab yourself a real bargain when shopping with Sterlingbuild.

ECO+ and RoofLITE uPVC rooflights are kept in stock at Sterlingbuild and can be delivered on next day delivery when ordered before 2pm. Free delivery is also available on any orders that total over £100 and aren’t required on next day delivery.

Also, don’t forget your flashings as these must be ordered separately. If you’re stuck on which flashing you’ll need with your roof window then please read our helpful blog Find The Right Flashing For Your Roof Window.