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Sertus Smoke Vents & Roof Access Hatches

Sertus is a pioneering UK manufacturer of fully integrated smoke control ventilation systems and roof access hatches.

Combining cutting edge safety performance with installer-friendly plug and play technology, Sertus provide value and performance across the life of a building.

Informed by 30 years of experience in smoke control, every Sertus product is CE marked and meets or exceeds British Standards without exception for priceless peace of mind.


Compliance Without Compromise

The primary concern of all Sertus smoke vent domes is to protect life and facilitate safe evacuation of a building in the event of fire.

Sertus strive to go beyond acceptable safety standards and achieve excellence. Every Sertus product is fully certified to the British and European EN12101-2 standard as a minimum.

This commitment to safety also applies to Sertus Roof Access Hatches, non-fragile polycarbonate domes that come with high-security screwbolts for a first class level of resistance to tampering.


Sertus roof access dome
Sertus flat roof access hatch

Plug & Play Technology 

Sertus uses ultra-compatible plug and play technology on its electric smoke vents.

Sertus smoke control domes are designed to be equally compatible for retrofits as they are new builds.

The innovative technology involved makes Sertus systems easier and faster to integrate into commercial and residential buildings without any compromise on aesthetics.

Sertus smoke ventilation domes can open to 160° within 60 seconds for quick escape in the event of a fire. Sertus roof access hatches open manually 90° for easier access to and from roof areas.

Many accessories are available as part of the Sertus Vent package. Combined with Sertus’ smoke vent unit, vent control panels are able to offer a complete solution for the operation and monitoring of your smoke vent requirements.

Architectural Integrity & Visual Appeal

Sertus' commitment to life safety sacrifices nothing on the visual appeal and convenience of the units.

All smoke vents and roof access hatches are quality designed with easy long term maintenance.

Sertus roof access domes and smoke ventilation units are available in a wide choice of sizes in either a square or rectangle design.

With Sertus access hatches, choose between either a clear finish for greater levels of natural daylight or opaque glazing for extra privacy.

sertus access hatch in situ on commercial roof
Sertus smoke ventilation domes

Insulated Upstands Supplied

For easy installation, all smoke vents and roof hatches come supplied with a white PVC upstand, making them perfectly suited to both new builds and renovation projects.

The kerbs come either splayed or vertical and are thermally broken with a built-in grove that allows for a smooth plasterboard finish. The upstands are thermally efficient with a low U-value of 0.92W/m2K.

Upstands come in heights of 15cm and 30cm, making them suitable for both warm roof and cold roof applications.

Sertus Gold Standard

Sertus flat roof domes are independently verified by a panel of experts across the industry to achieve the Sertus Gold Standard.

This benchmark governs every stage of development from technology to installation to maintenance, helping Sertus set the bar for smoke and fire safety and compliance.

All of Sertus' modular systems are tested and certified as complete units ensuring they exceed the recognized industry standards.

Sertus gold standard logo