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RoofLITE Windows - A Budget-Friendly Alternative To VELUX

Our sales team is often asked "what alternatives are there to VELUX?", which we translate to mean "how can you save me even more money?" (aside from our price match promise and free delivery!).

So we recommend RoofLITE windows and our customers love them! At the end of this article, you'll find honest reviews of this brand's windows collected from our customers.

Best Prices Online

RoofLITE manufactures their windows to a high standard, using quality materials - but sell them at lower prices compared to VELUX and other well-known brands. This makes RoofLITE the perfect choice for anyone who wants a top quality window whilst working to a tight budget.

Lower prices

Our prices for pine windows start from just £96 +VAT, whilst the white uPVC window prices start at £130 +VAT. Whether you’re looking for installation products like flashings (from £33 +VAT), insulation (from £21 +VAT) and underfelt (from just £15.15 +VAT) and collars or additional window accessories like blackout blinds (from £29.40 +VAT). You can be sure that with RoofLITE, you are getting an incredible price and saving money.*

To save you even more money, the more windows you buy, the less they cost you with our multibuy discounts!

In Stock for Next day Delivery

We keep a wide range of RoofLITE products in stock ready to deliver to you on either a next day service or in 3 standard working days. Both services are FREE (on orders over £50), which means you simply let us know whether you want them delivered the next day or in 3 standard working days. 

In stock

Our stocked products include the windows, flashings, installation accessories and blinds so that you can have everything you need as soon as possible. Learn more about our delivery options here. 

Standard VELUX Sizes Available

RoofLITE windows are available in standard roof window sizes, which means you’ll be sure to find a window to suit your requirements.

RoofLITE window sizes

What’s more, if you need to replace an old VELUX window, the chances are you’ll find a like-for-like replacement in a RoofLITE window.

Excellent Quality

As I mentioned above, RoofLITE and VELUX are made with the same components, often in the same factories. RoofLITE windows come with a 10-year guarantee - which is equal to the guarantees associated with some of the more well-known brands.

RoofLITE quality guaranteed

All RoofLITE windows are made to high standards in the factory which is compliant to ISO 9001 and ISO 18001 standards. Furthermore, all windows come double glazing as standard and with a toughened outer pane and a low Ug-value of 1.1 W/m2K, making them fully compliant with Part L of building regulations.

Easy to Install

RoofLITE has designed its windows to be fitted easily to save you time and money. You don't have to be an experienced roofer. A good DIY'er will be able to follow the simple instructions. Download the step by step guide or "how to" videos on YouTube.

RoofLITE Window Reviews

"Use these RoofLITE products all the time, very good build quality. Easy to install for Construction Trade and good DIY'er,"

"Excellent quality product, why buy ***? These are just as good but at a fraction of the cost! Would recommend to any one."

"Easy to install and a great buy"

"DIY window install - very straightforward and clear instructions"

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* Prices are correct at the time of writing - they may go up or down