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One of the utmost value for money roof window brands in existence, RoofLITE windows are contemporary options that offer many of the same outstanding qualities as sister brand, VELUX, at a budget friendly price that will not break the bank.



RoofLITE pitched roof window

Lower Price, Greater Performance

Ideal for homeowners looking to welcome more natural light into their homes without having to splash out, RoofLITE roof windows are a highly affordable option that can save you serious money on your home extension or renovation. The low prices attached to RoofLITE windows sacrifice next to nothing in terms of performance.

All RoofLITE models come with a 10-year warranty and proven thermal insulation and tightness properties tested in accordance with the latest European standards.



Frame To Your Liking

Choose from three different types of frame designs to ensure your RoofLITE window matches the interior look of the room it will be going in.

RoofLITE windows are made from independently certified, sustainably-managed forest wood, showcased perfectly in the pine windows that are so popular with loft conversions. For kitchens and bathrooms, consider white paint or PVC windows for a modern, maintenance-free option and seamless match.

Complete Comfort

The entirety of RoofLITE’s CORE range come as standard with a low-E coating on the outer pane of glass for improved thermal performance, along with an elegant handle that enables passive ventilation.

The ways in which your RoofLITE window can work towards enhancing your home comfort levels do not stop there, as underfelt collars and insulation foam collars can be purchased separately to improve water tightness and minimise heat loss, respectively.

Find Your Perfect Blinds

While it's great that the slimline design of RoofLITE windows lets up to 10% more daylight into rooms that competitor windows, RoofLITE blinds are available for when you want to dim incoming light and ensure a peaceful sleep.

Both internal and external blinds are available to complement décor and quieten outside noise, including blackout blinds in three different colours. For help locating the size and series of your RoofLITE window, see our RoofLITE serial code blog.




Electric Dreams

If you dream about owning an electric window that you can operate from the comfort of your sofa, converting your manual RoofLITE  window into an electrically operated one can be achieved with the RoofLITE AMC electric unit.

Coming equipped with a rain sensor that can detect a downpour at the first drop and a remote control for simple control, this smart add-on lets you position your RoofLITE as high up in the roof as your desire.