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Neutralise Spiralling Energy Bills With Replacement Double Glazed Units

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The UK is bracing itself for what is predicted to be one of the coldest winters on record and one of the most expensive too.

When the average household switched on its heating as October drew to a close, millions began to soak up the increased energy charges enforced by the big providers. Alarmingly, millions are also yet to touch their radiator valves and will delay doing so for as long as possible.

Unless the universe suddenly finds itself a real-life version of Elsa from Frozen, nobody will be ending winter any time soon. Something, however, that is well in the power of many to do, is to recognise extortionate tariffs and those aspects of our homes that make it cold, such as single glazing, and let them go.

A significant amount of a home’s heat is lost through inefficiently insulated windows, leaving behind a cold, uncomfortable climate that requires frequent heating. Condensation and poor noise insulation are two other byproducts of ineffective single pane windows and old double glazing.

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Switching to modern, energy efficient double glazed windows or triple glazing can help dramatically improve everyday indoor living conditions and lessen the reliance on costly heating.

Of course, these windows don't come for free and will require that initial outlay. But once installed, replacement double glazed units can save homeowners hundreds of pounds in the long run, as well as improve a home's sell-on value.

On top of this, upgrading your old windows or adding an extra pane for triple glazing represents a chance to improve a home’s visual appeal.

Double glazed units with aluminium window frames are one of the most thermally effective solutions on the market and come in a variety of standard, powder-coated colours and designs, as well as bespoke options that include triple glazing at around an extra £40-£50 per window.

If spiralling energy bills are fuelling your winter blues or causing a year-round strain, double glazed aluminium windows from specialist aluminium window manufacturer, REAL, can provide the warmest of solutions. Here is how aluminium replacement double glazed windows can help…

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Why Invest in Replacement Double Glazed Units?

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Heat loss through inefficient single glazed windows and older double glazed units plays a huge role in making homes draughty, with approximately 20% of heat lose occurring through windows with single glazing.

Although around 80% of properties in the UK now have double glazing installed, a large proportion of that percentage are old, 2000 vintage windows that are not nearly as energy efficient as the models of today. Windows very much remain a weak spot in the overall thermal performance of a building envelope.

According to the Energy Trust, a typical semi-detached household would save between £75-100 with B rated double glazed windows installed. These windows use two panes of glass seperated by wide cavities normally filled with an inert gas, typically argon.

Heat conducting materials like aluminium, still relatively new to the mass market, offer a more effective, attractive and longer-lasting alternative to uPVC and wood.

Installing B rated casement windows can remove any issues with draught and dramatically reduce condensation, big problems when it comes to single glazing and old double glazing.

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Research by the Passivhaus Institute found that when it gets really cold outside, a single glazed window has an internal surface temperature of 1°, while 2000 vintage double glazed windows reached 11°. In stark constrast, modern double glazed windows achieve a surface temperture of 16°.

With triple glazed windows, this temperature rises to an even more comfortable level of 18°, guaranteeing a warmer indoor climate and even less condensation.

In regards to saving on energy bills, the difference between triple glazing and replacement double glazed units is not as great as many believe, hence why most window manufacturers consider double glazing perfectly adequate.

However, triple glazing has become the norm in some countries and is being used more and more in new builds. Triple glazed windows normally carry U-values as low a 0.8 W/m²K and significantly reduce outside noise pollution.

Upgrading to triple glazing on REAL Aluminium windows will add around 15 to 20% to the original price if not other bespoke changes are made.

Energy efficient replacement double glazed units are also available in uPVC. Read more about the benefits of upgrading you uPVC windows in here.

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How Else can REAL Aluminium Windows Improve Your Home?

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As mentioned before, REAL Aluminium windows offer superior thermal performance thanks to the material, frame design, glass type and other components that combine to give it it's high BFRC (British Fenestration Rating Council) rating.

All REAL Aluminium casement windows are rated B, a mark that guarantees significant energy savings for homes making the switch from single glazing or old double-glazing.

The internal panes of these aluminium units have a low-E coating as standard to help trap heat inside the home, while the polyamide thermal barrier technology used helps REAL windows exceed current UK building regulations.

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Solar control coating can be added on special orders to ensure a optimum home temperature all year round by preventing overheating in the summer.

The standard REAL Aluminium window offering includes grey aluminium windows, black aluminium windows and white aluminium windows, but any RAL colour is available if you want a more unique look should your budget allow it.

Our aluminum window made to measure offering also allows you to choose the exact dimensions you need should you not find them among our set sizes.

Whether you are looking to improve the thermal efficiency and appearance of a country cottage or contemporary town house, REAL Aluminium windows represent a worthwhile investment, as both replacement double glazed units or triple glazed.

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