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Polycarbonate Domes

Polycarbonate roof domes are a fantastic way of introducing natural light through flat roof commercial and domestic buildings.

Roof domes are renowned for their durability. As a material, polycarbonate is virtually unbreakable with an impact strength up to 250 times greater than glass.

With a huge selection of standard shapes and sizes available, along with a bespoke service for full customisation, there is a roof dome for every application.

Our thermoformed domes range from low cost units for uninhabited spaces to thermally efficient rooflights for even the most energy conscious homeowners, developers and architects.

Available in a fixed or opening style, either with an external kerb for new projects or the dome only for refurbs, polycarbonate domes are a versatile solution for all daylighting requirements.

rectangular polycarbonate domes on commercial roof

Replacement Dome or New Rooflight?

If your polycarbonate domes are for a brand new roof construction or a new aperture in an existing roof, our domes come supplied with an external kerb, either standard sized or built from your own dimensions.

Providing upstands with our rooflights helps users save money on sourcing and building their own. The only additional purchase required is the flashing, usually made from the existing roof material.

If you already have an existing kerb and do not require an upstand, or you simply require a dome replacement, our offering also includes the dome only.

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Thicker Skins = Greater Energy Efficiency 

Polycarbonate roof domes come in four skin thicknesses. The thicker the polycarbonate glazing, the more thermally efficient the dome.

For uninhabited spaces, such as a shed or cupboard, single skin domes will suffice, providing plenty of light, but little insulation.

Double skin domes offer better thermal performance with a U-value half that of single skin domes. Double skin polycarbonate domes are recommended for like-for-like dome replacements.

For new builds, triple skin domes are needed to comply with current Building Regulations Part L Thermal Performance. These have a U-value of 1.78.

Offering the best energy efficiency is the quadruple skin dome. These domes will keep the area below them both bright and warm, ideal if that area is regularly occupied. 

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polycarbonate domes with different skin thicknesses



access hatch domes

fixed polycarbonate domes

Trio Of Ventilation & Access Options

Should you want your polycarbonate dome to provide more than just daylight and insulation, our domes open either 400mm (manual and electric) or fully (manual only) for complete ventilation.

Fully openable polycarbonate domes pass as means of escape windows, while also providing easier access to the roof.

Electric domes offer complete convenience as you can open and close them at the click of a remote control. The built-in rain sensor can pick up on the first sign of rain and close the window before water gets into the building.

For manual domes installed out of reach, a purpose-built operating rod should be purchased for easier opening

Should you not want your polycarbonate dome to open, fixed domes are available at a cheaper price and can be made with a controllable trickle vent in the upstand to provide 8000mm2 of ventilation.

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Security In All Shapes And Sizes

Polycarbonate domes offer more design choice than any other rooflight with five different shaped exteriors available.

All shapes come in single to triple glazing, with the quadruple skin dome available on square and rectangular domes only.

In addition to square and rectangular, polycarbonate domes also come in a circular, trapezoid and pyramid design.

All shapes offer identical security features, coming with high security, factory fitted screwbolts that provide a high level of resistance to break-ins and tampering.

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circular polycarbonate domes on roof