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Our 4 Best-Selling Sun Tunnels

I know how you are all feeling – upset because this is our last instalment of the best-seller blog series! I feel just as sad as you all do - but what’s the point on dwelling on the negatives when you can learn more about our top four sun tunnels!

Sun tunnels are a way of getting natural light into rooms where it had previously been impossible - i.e. internal bathrooms, corridors, basements and the back of extensions. The sun tunnel is designed to sit on your roof at a slight angle, which allows it to catch the sun’s rays. The light then passes through, either a rigid or flexible tube and through a ceiling diffuser to spread light into your room.                          

1. Lightway Crystal 400 HP 32cm Sun Tunnel Kit for Pitched Roof

Lightway is the UK’s best performing sun tunnel manufacturer and has the longest guarantee (25 years) on all their products – which leaves no shock as to why the crystal 400 is a best-seller!

The Lightway crystal 400 is without a doubt the leading sun tunnel in the UK based on copious factors. Some of which include; a rigid tube type which delivers a direct shaft of light, the dome is self-cleaning and has a diffusor which will compliment your white ceiling.

This sun tunnel is ideal for 15-90° roof pitches to maximise the amount of daylight in your home. Also, as long as there is daylight, the Crystal sun tunnel will add as much natural light into your home - even on a winters day! This sun tunnel produces 4 light bulbs worth of daylight on a sunny day and 3 light bulbs on a cloudy day – how amazing is that?

Make sure to grab yourself one of our best-selling Lightway Crystal 400 HP 32cm – you won’t regret it!

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2. VELUX TWR 0K14 2010 14” Rigid Sun Tunnel for Tile Roof

The VELUX TWR’s are one of our best-selling sun tunnels because they are an incredibly cost-effective way to brighten your home – saving you money on your electricity bills. Also, due to its dark coloured, flat, square external frame, the VELUX sun tunnel fits in perfectly with any roof, in the same style as a classic VELUX roof window.

The VELUX TWR tube type is rigid, maximising the amount of natural light in your room. VELUX recommend the rigid tube for lengths from 0.9m to 6m between the roof and ceiling.

The VELUX TWR sun tunnel for tiled roofs has a maximum tile profile of 120mm. VELUX also have another type of TWR sun tunnel - which is the same as the TWR for tile roofs but for slate roofs - with a maximum slate profile of 8mm.


3. VELUX TWF 0K14 2010 14” Sun Tunnel for Tile Roof

The VELUX TWF for tiled roofs is the same as the TWR for tiled roofs, but it comes with a flexible tube rather than a rigid tube. Flexible sun tunnels are used when the distance between the roof and the ceiling is too small for a rigid tunnel – the ideal length is between 0.4m and 2m.

The VELUX TWF 14” sun tunnel comes with a 10-year guarantee and is ideal for roof pitches between 15-60°. This sun tunnel also comes with an easy-to-clean coating that keeps the glass cleaner for longer, and easy to install integral flashing. If that isn’t enough to sway you to order one, then surely the double layer diffuser with new Edge-Glow technology that increases the spread of light should!

VELUX Sun Tunnels


4. Sterlingbuild 14” Flexible Sun Tunnel with 2m Tube for Flat Roof

The Sterlingbuild 14” flexible sun tunnel for a flat roof is the cheapest sun tunnel in this blog and also comes with a 10-year guarantee! It also performs just as well as the other sun tunnels we have discussed so far, but it is designed for flat roofs, whereas the rest are designed for pitched roofs.

The ideal roof pitch is between 0-15° to channel as much daylight from your roof to the room below. This is done through a highly reflective tube and the best route is the shortest possible between the rooftop and ceiling – don’t worry if you encounter some obstacles, the flexible tube gets around those problems for you!

An upstand is required in order to fit this sun tunnel Thankfully we sell a PVC upstand made for the Sterlingbuild roof sun tunnel.


Be sure to check out our best-selling sun tunnels! Sadly, this is it for the ‘Best-Sellers’ blog series, but make sure you have a look at are other blogs!

If you have any further queries regarding our best sellers, make sure to contact one of our expert team today!


About the blogger: This blog was expertly written by Eleanor Fuller, a former content and blog writer at Sterlingbuild HQ.