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Our straightforward made to measure service will ensure you get the exact product you want or need. If you cannot find the window or door size you require among our standard, ready-made collection, our bespoke offering will make sure you do.

By Larry Bohan on 3 Jul 2019

made to measure windows doors and rooflights

At Sterlingbuild, we have rooflights and aluminium doors that can be custom made to match the exact dimensions and spec you need for your extension or renovation project. Our bespoke offering includes flat glass rooflights, domes, roof lanterns, bifold doors, sliding doors and more.

For guidance on taking the correct measurements for your new home feature, please see our blog 'How to Measure For Windows, Doors & Rooflights'.

Scroll down to discover just what we have on offer or simply click on the images below to jump straight to our product pages for a visual idea of what is available. If you already know what you are after, either email us your requirements using our bespoke form or call one of our experienced sales team on 01304 219922.

Bespoke Roof Lanterns

Roof lanterns are one of the most impressive looking rooflights on the market, giving the impression of a higher ceiling and larger room. Getting the size right with these modern architectural wonders can be difficult, which is one of the reasons why our bespoke aluminium lanterns are so popular.


Korniche made to measure roof lanterns

Korniche roof lanterns offer unrivalled views of the sky above. The lantern's slim stucture means you can enjoy gazing up at the stars with little obtrusion from any frame, while the level of sunlight allowed into the home is greatly enhanced, keeping your space bright, temperture comfortable and bills down.

Installing Korniche roof lanterns is an easy process, with complete installation achievable in under half an hour.

Customisation on roof lanterns includes multiple combinations of internal/external finish, several types of glazing type and glazing finish, the latter of which there are six variants to pick from including clear, blue/bronze tint and privacy.

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Bespoke lanterns are also available from REAL, another British brand who like Korniche specialises in manufacturing roof lanterns that are durable and high performing. REAL’s aluminium roof lanterns are even slimmer, meaning less frame and more light.

Bespoke upgrades on our REAL aluminium lanterns include a choice of RAL colours, glazing and any dimensions you desire.

One of the biggest draws of these roof lanterns comes in the discount package available when you purchase your lantern alongside aluminium doors and an aluminium window, a multibuy offer that could save you hundreds of pounds on your extension project.

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REAL Aluminium roof lantern dining room extension made to measure

Bespoke Rooflights

Our bespoke flat roof window offering comprises flat glass rooflights and walk-on rooflights, both from outstanding UK rooflight brand, Signature. We also have our own Sterlingbuild range of polycarbonate domes that can be made bespoke to your liking.


Signature flat glass rooflight made to measure home extension

Flat glass rooflights can be made to any size or spec, enabling you to decide just how long and wide you want your window to be. A popular installation in single storey extensions and kitchen extensions, flat rooflights from Signature are an attractive, contemporary feature that brighten up the home with natural light.

Our made to measure service is available on both fixed and electric flat glass rooflights, both customisable to any size, glazing type and glazing finish, be it clear or obscure.

We have five set colours to choose from. Selecting an alternative colour is possible, but naturally this will come at an additional cost.

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One of the smartest, most stylish and minimalistic rooflights on the market, walk-on rooflights are perfect for directing sunlight down into low level rooms such as basements.

Installable either inside or outside the home, these flat rooflights make for a stunning feature wherever located.

Five types of anti-slip glass coatings can be added to walk-on rooflights, including clear dream, elegance and sandblast.

It does not matter if you are installing internally or externally, all specs are available on any size you like, including a choice of double or triple glazing.

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Signature internal walk-on rooflight made to measure

polycarbonate domes from Sterlingbuild installed on flat roof

One of the most affordable rooflights you will find anywhere, polycarbonate roof domes are a great choice for the home. Though cheap in price, roof domes are one of the strongest rooflights available thanks to their virtually unbreakable polycarbonate build.

Design your roof dome to any size and spec. Choose from any of our three available skin thicknesses to match your renovation project. 

Our bespoke dome service enables you to select size, operation (electric, fixed or manual), opening mechanism, glazing finish and more.

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Bespoke Doors

If you are currently undergoing a home extension or are looking to improve the look and feel of your current space, you’ll struggle not to find the perfect window or door among our made to measure aluminium door collection.


Aluminium has for long been one of the most popular choices of material for bifold doors and sliding doors. The properties in aluminium are perfect for ensuring your exterior doors are strong, safe, durable, low maintenance and thermally efficient.  

All of our aluminium doors from REAL can be made bespoke to meet your exact needs. Design your product whichever way you want, with options on dimensions, hinges, number of doors and handle design. Powder-coated finishes are also available for an additional cost.

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REAL Aluminium made to measure french doors


To purchase any of our made to measure products, talk to one of our expert team who are more than happy to sort out your order. Or, if your prefer, send us the size and spec you require by filling out a bespoke form by clicking on the image below.

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