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Loft Ladders And Hatches For Home Renovations

FAKRO loft ladder with red handrails

If you are currently planning a loft conversion or at the stage where renovation is already underway, it is important to consider what you want the passage to your new room to look like. It is all well and good turning your attic into a beautiful bedroom or spacious playroom, but if the loft ladder is not up to scratch aesthetically, your new space can lose some of its allure from the get-go.

It is not just about appearance though, as even more important than this is the safety of your ladder. Installing a robust loft ladder is an essential part of the loft conversion process and one that can often get lost amid the excitement of renovation.

With this in mind, we have compiled a list of some of the best and most sought-after loft ladders on the market right now. We’ll cover both wooden loft ladders and aluminium loft ladders, taking a look at the stand-out designs from leading manufacturers, FAKRO and Youngman, as well as an offering from the insulation-friendly, ECO+.

Youngman, Wise Choice

Youngman aluminium loft ladder and hatch

When it comes to aluminium loft ladders, climbing head and shoulders above the rest is British-based ladder specialist, Youngman. 

Youngman's Easiway and Spacemaker loft ladders are two cheap loft ladders that are available to buy for even less than that new PlayStation game your kid keeps going on about. Do not let their low price put you off, however, as these aluminium ladders are very well built with slip resistant treads for safety and will arrive at your door with all the fittings needed.

If you are converting your loft into a room for a child, safety should be the most important thing to consider. Youngman’s Deluxe, 2 section loft ladder comes with twin handrails for added safety. This ladder has been designed with easy access in mind, with the ladder already attached to the hatch for easy opening.

In recent years, telescopic loft ladders have become a very desirable component of modern loft conversion projects. Youngman has telescopic ladders at 2.6m and 2.9m long that are adjustable to three lengths. One of the great features of these ladders is that no cutting is required, making installation a lot easier. The rubber feet of the Youngman telescopic ladder will make the ladder safer for those using it and gentle on the floor too.

Telescopic loft ladders are renowned for fitting into ridiculously tight spaces. If you have any questions regarding floor to loft heights or opening hatch sizes, contact one of our customer service team who would be happy to assist.

Into the Woods

FAKRO LWK komfort loft ladder with handrails

If you feel a wooden ladder would blend in more naturally with your interior décor than an aluminium one, Youngman also offers three types of wooden loft ladder. Wooden ladders offer different qualities to aluminium ladders that make them an equably safe and durable choice as a means of entry to your loft.

Youngman wooden loft ladders are all equiped with slip resistant feet and have been designed for ease of both operation and installation.

The Youngman Click Fix 76 Loft Ladder is the pick of the bunch when it comes to practicality and performance. The 76mm insulated trapdoor reduces heat loss by up to 87% making it one of the most thermally efficient ladders available. The Click Fix 76 also comes with rubber draught excluder on the casing and trapdoor, as well as handrails to aid safety in climbing. Youngman’s Eco S folding loft ladder also comes with a draught-proof hatch and folds neatly away into the trap door when closed meaning no loft space is lost.

Loft hatch and ladders are also available from pitched roof window manufacturer, FAKRO. FAKRO loft ladders are delivered fully assembled, making installation a breeze. Their LWK Komfort ladder comes with a white hatch, peripheral seal and a three-year warranty. FAKRO ladders also come fitted with handrails, making them child-friendly and therefore suitable as a ladder for a child's bedroom.

For greater personalisation, all our FAKRO windows can be installed with additional loft ladder accessories. Add-ons include a FAKRO LXW 70130 Upper Hatch, great for preventing dust build-up and improving insulation levels in your loft. Pine and PVC lining is available for the Lux LWL FAKRO ladder. 

Another loft ladder that comes pre-assembled for you to easily fit to your loft is the ECO+ 3 Section Timber Loft ladder. The list of benefits attached to this extremely affordable loft ladder is a long one. Insulated hatch? Check. Safety handrail? Check. Low u-values, sturdy, recessed hatch? Check, check and check!

The cost of installing a loft ladder is not at all pricey. The Eco+ timber ladder is an example of a wooden loft ladder that is easy to put up, practical, safe and looks good too.