Loft Conversion- Altrincham

Project Type: Loft conversion with en-suite bathroom

Location: Altrincham, Manchester

Time Taken: N/A

Approx Cost: N/A

Approx Value Added: N/A

Built by: Granada Home Improvements-

Daylight: Three Pitched Roof Windows, uPVC Casement Window

What Was Done? 

In order to find new space for a daughter growing up, the unused loft in this Manchester family home was given one of the most radical makeovers imaginable. 

The previously wasted roof space was turned into a wonderfully pink bedroom made even brighter with three pitched roof windows that provide 24-hour ventilation and combine with the casement window across the room to provide an even spread of natural light.

The extra space needed was created and maximised by the reconfiguration of the stairs. The transformation was complete with the addition of a clean, white en-suite bathroom.

altrincham loft conversion


three roof windows installed in loft

How Has The Conversion Improved The Home?

A strain has been taken off the entire family with the extra living space gained in the loft for a couple of reasons.

Not only do the children now have rooms to call their own, including a bedroom fit to house a good few hundred toys, the new bathroom provides a big bonus, taking the pressure off in the morning when everybody is attempting to get ready in the morning.

Long term, converting the loft has added thousands to the overall value of the property.

It’s widely accepted that on average, a loft conversion adds 12.5% to a home’s worth.

What Daylight Was Added?

Three pitched centre pivot roof windows provide the bedroom with daylight and ventilation from above.

The casement window on the opposite side of the room provides eye-level views of outside, while the trio of roof windows ensures an adequate level of natural light hits the space from different angles. The light pink walls help light bounce around the space effectively.

The pitched and vertical daylight combination means far less reliance on light bulbs during the afternoons, weekends and summer holidays.

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childrens bedroom with velux windows