Home Improvement Ideas- Lantern Roof Extensions

If you are currently thinking about extending your home and are pondering on the design, why not consider the wonderful possibilities on offer with lantern roof extensions.

By Larry Bohan on 21 August 2018

REAL aluminium lantern roof extension

We’ve all seen roof lanterns showcased as part of picture-perfect home extensions in magazines and on TV. One look is enough to instantly want one before any of the practical benefits of having a lantern are even considered.

Sitting atop a flat roof, roof lanterns are constructed from four panes of glass held together by elevated frames, usually made of either aluminium or PVC.

This minimalistic design means glass roof lanterns can be installed in next to no time, normally causing very few problems as far as building regulations and planning applications go.

close up of grey framed roof lantern from Korniche

Although the glazed lantern can trace its origins all the way back to the Middle Ages, advances in the glazing and energy efficiency of contemporary roof lanterns in recent years has seen them soar in popularity.

Whether you want to add an orangery onto the back of your property or prefer a standard flat roof extension, lantern rooflights work perfectly for both.

Likewise should your new extension or renovation be driven primarily by the desire for more daylight, more space or improving the visual appeal of your home, roof lanterns tick every box.

In this blog we will look at why flat roof lanterns are so ideally suited to healthy, modern day living. All of the images in this article feature lantern rooflights from British brands REAL and Korniche. Korniche lanterns are available for free or next day delivery at Sterlingbuild.

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Roof Lanterns Make A Home Healthier

Korniche roof lantern installed in living room

It has taken a long time, but it appears that the UK is finally beginning to realise the true importance of natural daylight to our health and well-being. VELUX helped shine a light on this with its Indoor Generation campaign, while here at Sterlingbuild we pride ourselves on being the UK’s largest independent daylight provider with more roof windows and rooflights that anywhere else online.

Though there are numerous different flat roof window designs that can act as a source of daylight in your home, none are quite effective as roof lanterns. Given their size, large panes and lack of frame, lantern rooflights are built in a slimline design that maximises sunlight. REAL Aluminium takes this even further with their slimline roof lanterns, built with even less frame.

With so much time now spent indoors in the increasingly socialised dining and lounging areas, daylighting these rooms is more important than ever, not only for our health, but to reduce reliance on artificial lighting too.

The abundance of light transmitted by roof lanterns can help homeowners save significant money on energy bills in the long run, while also making the room below feel lighter and more welcoming for family and friends.

white framed lantern installed in roof

It's up to you just how much light you want to flood your room and what you want the majority of the light to shine upon. If you are looking to add a roof lantern to an existing extension, your current roof will inevitably dictate lantern dimensions and location. Should you be designing a lantern roof extension from scratch, size and positioning could be determining in the overall layout of the extension. For help getting the size right, read our special feature on roof lantern sizes.

Although REAL and Korniche roof lanterns are available in standard sizes that range from 90x120cm to 250x250cm, all Sterlingbuild flat roof lanterns can be designed made to measure to any realistic height and width should you need an unusual size or have something really grand in mind.

A number of different coloured tint options are available to dim the glare of incoming daylight and create a different kind of ambience to your extension that feels unique to your home.

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No Heating Worries With Eco Friendly Flat Roof Lanterns

long korniche roof lantern with grey frame

Despite the universal appeal of roof lanterns, what still deters some people from investing in one is the belief that they make rooms too cold in the autumn and winter and too hot during the summer.These, however, are two misconceptions that should be confined to history and need not put off any potential buyer.

As is also the case with pitched roof windows, building regulations now require that all flat glass rooflights meet a certain thermal rating that ensures they are friendly for those both living in the home and the larger environment.

REAL and Korniche roof lanterns meet these requirements and more, coming with U-values that are far superior to average thermal performance.

Even when coupled with bifold doors as part of the same extension, your room will not get too cold during the winter as energy efficiency is now truly at the heart of all quality rooflight and exterior doors design.

korniche roof lantern installed with bifold doors

Pairing your roof lantern with exterior doors can provide even more daylight and ventilation to freshen up the air travelling through your extension and home. Purchase a Korniche roof lantern in the same order as a pair of bifold doors or sliders for a 5% discount on the total of your basket.

As well as reducing glare, tints with exterior solar control coating can be applied to all Korniche and REAL lanterns to help the area below cool during the summer by limiting solar gain from the sun.

Ventilation options are available on our bespoke lantern windows to provide extra ventilation.

Secure And Easily Maintained

close up of white framed korniche lantern

Maintenance and security are both important to consider when picking the right rooflight for your extension or renovation. The best roof windows will be long lasting, easy for homeowners to clean and hard for intruders or nature to penetrate.

Aluminium is far stronger a material than uPVC and doesn't require any reinforcement, meaning you’re already onto a winner with Korniche and REAL. Aluminium is extremely durable, meaning your lantern will function as you'd expect over many, many years.

Korniche roof lanterns come with an innovative glass lock system and tamper proof fasteners keep everything tightly in place.Once finishing capping’s are fitted, there are no visible fasteners anywhere to be seen. Similarly, REAL aluminium roof lanterns come with a pressure plated system for extra security.

Lantern rooflights from Korniche have also been optimised to be as strong and stiff as possible. So much so that a 6x4m glass roof can support over 8 tonnes of pressure.

Korniche lanterns come with a special self-cleaning exterior glass that reduces maintenance to a simple wipe clean job, as the weather helps to keep the glazing in its original state rather than working against it. The modern, powder-coated finish on REAL lanterns will only require occasional cleaning thanks to the material's extremely hard-wearing nature.

Why Lantern Roof Extensions Make Sense

korniche glass lantern

Unrivalled thermal performance and energy efficiency, optimum light transmission, strong, secure and easy to maintain, Korniche and REAL roof lanterns make a lot of sense for anybody looking to create or renovate a home extension for comfortable family living.

This is without even mentioning the pure wow factor that roof lanterns bring to properties. They provide an element of grandeur from both inside the home and out. Larger roof lanterns can provide outstanding, unobtrusive views of the sky above, whether that be of the clouds floating along during the day or the stars glistening at night.

Whether you want your lantern to be the centrepiece of your orangery or you want it to flood light on your open-plan living space above kitchen table or sofa, glazed roof lanterns are an ideal option for informal family living and dining.

The Sterlingbuild made to measure service means you can create your roof lantern to any size or spec desired, with all RAL colours available on request. If you are interested in one of our bespoke roof lanterns, simply fill in a bespoke form to receive a quick quote.

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