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Korniche Lanterns And Pyramids

Based in the north east of England, Korniche are one of the UK’s leading manufacturers of roof lanterns.

Renowned for their contemporary appearance and durable build, Korniche’s expertly engineered aluminium rooflights have everyday convenience and practicality the forefront of design.

Korniche Flat Roof Glass Lantern

Healthier & Homelier

Korniche lanterns are one of the most popular rooflight choices for home extensions and renovations thanks to a design that is engineered towards making rooms brighter and healthier. The large glass surface area of Korniche lanterns is a magnet to the sun and the many health benefits that it brings.

All roof lanterns from Korniche come with high performance, double glazing as standard, helping the temperature in your home stay comfortable 365 days a year. U-values as low as 1.0 W/m²K make Korniche one of the leading roof window manufacturers when it comes to thermal performance.

Korniche lantern from interior view
Korniche lantern bespoke and made to measure in ceiling

Customise Your Lantern

With 400 Korniche roof lanterns available at Sterlingbuild at the best prices online, customers are spoilt for choice when it comes to selecting the right lantern for their property.

If you cannot find your desired roof lantern among our standard range, made to measure roof lanterns can be easily ordered to any size or spec. 

Korniche lanterns come with five interior/exterior choices of paint finish and three different glazing finishes, including a sunshade blue tint that is perfect for protecting furniture from excess glare from the sun. Electric ventilation can be added for additional air flow.

Room With A View 

Korniche roof lanterns are one of the most elegant and visually impressive rooflights on the market with an ultra slim design that not only lets more natural light into the room, but enhances views of the sky above as less framework is made visible.

Whether you are watching the clouds pass by in the daytime or gazing up at the stars at night, Korniche roof lanterns bring views to life and help welcome the outdoors in.

Korniche views outside kitchen
Korniche lantern bespoke and made to measure in ceiling

Stronger Build

That the 6x4m Korniche lantern is able to withstand over 8 tonnes of pressure is a clear indication of how strong these rooflights are.

Every component used in the aluminium construction of Korniche roof lanterns has been purposely designed to create one of the strongest and most durable lanterns ever made.

The precision that has gone into reinforcing these lanterns does not diminish their ability to make a room feel bigger with the opposite in fact true, as the lantern's structure makes rooms feel even more spacious with the impression of a higher ceiling given off.

Speedy Installation

Once your Korniche lantern arrives at your door, it will not be long before you are enjoying its numerous benefits. Korniche’s lanterns are quicker to install that competitor models, with complete installation fully achievable in under half an hour if instructions are properly followed.