Keylite Windows- Join The Polar Exploration

Born of an astonishing 21,840 hours in R&D and subjected to over 100 quality tests and prototypes, Keylite Polar roof windows have quickly become one of the market’s leading roof windows for loft conversions and home extensions.

By Larry Bohan on 3 Jul 2019


If you haven’t clicked on the video above yet, do not be alarmed. Keylite Polar PVC roof windows don’t come with polar bear as standard. But that does not mean these innovative PVC roof windows don’t have anything in common with the brilliant beasts of the arctic…

Along with Keylite’s standard USP’s, such as a built-in insulation collar and lighting fast installation, PVC Keylite roof windows offer superior daylight through increased visible glazing in a contemporary, low maintenance design.

BBA certified and guaranteed for 20 years, here is all you need to know about the Keylite Polar roof window.

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The Ideal, Zero Maintenance Roof Window for All Rooms

Two Keylite Polar roof windows installed in kitchen

Just as polar bears are known for being able to adapt to survive in one of the harshest environments on the planet, Polar Keylite roof windows are equally equipped for every application, including humid environments.

This is because of PVC’s natural resistance to the effects of hot air and steam, something you just don’t get with pine and white paint roof windows which slowly deteriorate over time if installed nearby taps and kettles.

Being moisture proof makes Keylite PVC roof windows a highly suitable option for converted en-suite bathrooms and kitchen extensions, for example.

No varnishing or repainting will ever be required with PVC Keylite windows. The only upkeep needed is the occasional rub with a damp cloth, something easily done thanks to the window's 180 rotation functionality. Even the hinges are self-lubricating to keep your roof window looking and performing as good as new for many years.

Smart Insulation

Energy efficient Keylite roof windows

The likenesses between Keylite PVC Polar roof windows and their more furry namesakes do not end there. As well as their thick fur, polar bears have a layer of fat called blubber that insulates their bodies from the frosty air and near-freezing water.

Of course, unless your building some kind of igloo, your roof windows are not going to be subjected to temperatures of -50 degrees° , however Keylite PVC windows are similarly built to cope in cold climates, being manufactured with the same thermally efficient DNA as all Keylite windows.

All Keylite roof windows come ready made with a unique expanding thermal collar that insulates the frame into the roof to combat thermal bridging and prevent condensation- a feature that normally requires a separate purchase with other leading roof window brands.

Keylite PVC roof windows installed in combination

As well as preventing condensation and any chances of mould growth, the main role of this integrated collar is to stop heat escaping a room- keeping it at a warmer, more comfortable space during the winter months.

This insulation collar, coupled with the window’s argon filled warm edge glazing unit, means PVC Keylite roof window exceed current UK building regulations for energy efficiency, coming with a U-value of 1.2W/m²K on all double glazed units.

With triple glazed units, this U-value drops to a remarkably low 1.0W/m²K that would have even the Coca-Cola Polar bear raising a glass bottle in approval.

Naturally, this thermal performance should keep gas bills down as the need for heating lessens, while the incoming natural daylight that Keylite Polar windows provide does the same for electricity bills.

Brilliantly White Finish

Keylite white roof windows installed in ceiling

The premium grade, 100% recyclable PVC used on Keylite Polar windows comes in a white finish that maximises natural daylight and blends in seamlessly with white ceilinged rooms and most contemporary interiors.

Similar to how polar bears have black skin under their glistening coat to soak up sun rays and keep warm, PVC roof windows from Keylite are made with increased visible glazing to ensure superior levels of healthy sunlight fill a room, keeping it warmer and brighter when it matters most.

All Keylite windows come with a slimline ventilation handle that trickles only clean, fresh air into the room, ensuring indoor climate stays healthy even when the window is closed.

As is commonplace with most pitched roof windows. Keylite Polar windows come with a stylish dark grey external finish. Unlike most roof windows, however, this frame is recessed into the roof as standard, enhancing exterior aesthetics with the much desired in-roof look.

Installer Beware….You’ll be Done in a Couple of Minutes

One of the biggest attractions of a Keylite roof windows is its friendliness to installers. In fact, Keylite roof windows can be installed from box to roof in only 2 minutes, as evidenced in the video above.

This is achievable thanks to Keylite's special pre-fitted flick-fit brackets that enable the window to be lifted from the box straight into the roof, be it a slate or tile roof.

Windows come with a special sash hinge finger spring that makes fitting sash to frame possible in one swift and easy motion.

To ensure your Keylite window installation is completely watertight, a same sized Keylite flashing needs to be purchased along with your roof window. Blinds can be purchased for sun screening, along with a Keylite opening pole for windows installed out of reach.