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Keylite Roof Windows

Keylite pitched roof windows combine cutting-edge energy efficiency, integral daylight and ventilation properties and easier installation to help make homes naturally brighter.

Made up of PVC and timber windows in centre pivot and top hung opening styles, our BBA-certified Keylite roof window collection caters for all types of loft conversions and pitched roof extensions.

Keylite White paint roof window

Bring Light Deeper Into The Home 

The most popular way of enhancing the natural lighting in a renovated loft space or single storey extension is with the introduction of centre pivot roof windows.

The majority of windows in the Keylite range are made in this practical style and come in a variety of different sizes and designs to suit any interior.

Choose between a maintenance free PVC frame or an eternally popular pine or white paint finish.

Keylite pine roof windows being opened
Korniche lantern bespoke and made to measure in ceiling

Soak in the Views With Keylite Top Hung Windows

Open up your loft space to the outside world with a top hung window, the most desired choice of opening style when it comes to loft conversions.

Keylite top hung windows open out 45° to provide the most practical way of enjoying unbroken views.  

For rooms requiring a safe exit/rescue point, Keylite fire escape windows have the dual function of providing a safe means of escape.

Eliminate Cleaning With the Keylite Polar

With a bright white finish that blends in effortlessly with most contemporary decor and maximises natural daylight, Keylite Polar roof windows use premium grade PVC that, unlike pine, will never require repainting or varnishing.

The occasional rub with a damp cloth is all that is required to retain the original appearance of the Keylite Polar. A self-lubricating hinge is included on all units for added convenience.

Though suitable for any type of room, Keylite Polar roof windows are an obvious choice for kitchens and bathrooms thanks to PVC’s natural resistance to moisture.

Keylite insulation collar reduces condensation

Protection Against Condensation 

All Keylite windows are now made with a unique expanding thermal collar that insulates the frame into the roof opening to combat thermal bridging and prevent condensation- an industry first.

This innovative design stops heat escaping, dramatically reduces chances of mould growth and helps keep bills down.

This insulation collar, in tandem with the windows’ warm edge glazing, helps Keylite windows exceed building regulation requirements with low U-value and Ug values of of 1.3 and 1.0.

Windows come with a contemporary slimline ventilation handle that allows trickle ventilation of clean fresh air when the window is closed.

Easier Installation & Extras

Keylite roof windows come with pre-fitted flick-fit brackets that enable installers to simply lift the window straight from the box into the roof and select the setting for tile or slate. A unique sash hinge finger spring makes fitting the sash into the frame possible in one smooth, easy motion.

Keylite windows are recessed as standard, sitting lower in the roof than before to enhance the outside appearance of the roof. This recessed fit is achieved with Keylite’s standard flashing range.

Flashings are available to install your window into any type of roofing material, while multi-fit blackout blinds, Venetian blinds and rollers provide adequate sun screening.