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Keep On Top Of Your Window Flashing Maintenance

Take Care of Your Flashings & They'll Take Care of Your Home

Flashings help to create a weathertight seal around your window, preventing leaks, and keeping you and your home warm and dry for as long as possible. They are essential for the durability of your roof windows, so making sure they stay in tip-top condition is a must.

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The built-in guttering of flashings creates a drainage system for your skylight window, letting rainwater run away in the most safe and efficient way possible. If water doesn’t drain away properly then it may seep into the gaps between your roof window and the building surface, which can have potentially catastrophic consequences - including wood rot and structural damage, or even insect infestation.

If you live in an area that sees a lot of heavy rainfall or storms, or is in a coastal area, then flashings are even more important. It's because of this that keeping on top of your window flashing maintenance is always a good idea.

Simple, Annual Checks

Once a year, remove any leaves, twigs and other debris that has built up; this will ensure rainwater can run freely away from your installation.

Do not let heavy snow lie on your flashing for long periods of time, as this will have a detrimental affect too.

How to maintain my FAKRO flashings

Replacement Flashings

If you do need to replace your flashings, VELUX has a range of replacement window flashings. Thankfully, replacing them is a quick and straightforward process that can usually be completed within a day. Another plus side is replacing flashings can be done from the inside, so you don’t have to fork out for expensive scaffolding.

Think it's time to update your flashings? Here at Sterlingbuild, we’re confident you’ll find just what you need in our range. Take a look at our range of flashings to keep your windows, and home, at its best.