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How To Find Your VELUX Window Size & Code

Identify the size code of your VELUX roof window

Every VELUX window has its own personalized type sign which consists of codes telling you what window you have. This can help when choosing to add a blind, accessory or when replacing your glazing as it tells you exactly what window you have. We designed the VELUX code table below to ensure that you'll never order the wrong accessory.

How to Locate Your VELUX Window's Data Plate

All VELUX roof windows made after 1968 have a data plate (or type sign) giving exact information about the model. You'll find it in the right corner of the top sash, behind the ventilation flap.

The video below will help you locate your data plate.

VELUX Window Codes

Find the VELUX code for your window. This will help you identify the blind, replacement window or glazing code you need to enjoy your roof window for years to come.

55cm   VELUX window code PK25   
70cmVELUX window code CK01    VELUX window code SK01  
78cmVELUX window code CK02      
98cmVELUX window code CK04 VELUX window code FK04 VELUX window code MK04 VELUX window code PK04  VELUX window code CK01
118cmVELUX window code CK06 VELUX window code FK06 VELUX window code MK06 VELUX window code PK06 VELUX window code SK06  
140cm VELUX window code FK08 VELUX window code MK08 VELUX window code PK08 VELUX window code SK08 VELUX window code UK08
160cm  VELUX window code MK10 VELUX window code PK10 VELUX window code SK10 VELUX window code UK10
180cm  VELUX window code MK12    

Find The VELUX Product You Need!

Now you are armed with all the information you need to get a perfect fitting blind replacement glazing, accessories or a replacement window. Click on one of the links below to find exactly what you're looking for.