Window extensions

How Many Windows do I Need For My Room?

One of the questions we hear most from customers lately is, “will I have enough light coming into my room?”


The first thing to remember when asking that question is where the room is before thinking about if you’d be getting enough light; so, if it’s a box room or a master bedroom the key thing to remember is positioning!

If you have a room that is south facing you’ll find that throughout the day you’re going to get consistent sunlight (or the dim haze we call sunlight here in the UK), whereas a north facing room is going to get constant but dimmer light. East facing rooms will get strong sunlight in the morning while a west facing room gets that afternoon sunshine!

With this in mind, don't forget what blinds to get, especially if you enjoy a lie in on the weekend like me. 

Now, back to the matter at hand. You want to maximise light but not have to spend huge amounts to get it. There is a quick and easy bit of maths you can use to work out the answer and yes, you can thank me later! To maximise light in a room you would need at least 20% of whatever the room size is in total!

Room size / 5 = window space needed 

Here's an example, if you have a 5m x 5m room you would have an overall room size of 25m, using our maths you would need roughly 5m of window to maximise light. Of course, if you would like more, then it would only give you extra! We have lots of different options for bringing in the required light; so, if you need any advice on how to get the most out of your space, give us a call and chat to me or one of my colleagues and we will be happy to give you some advice on what to go for!