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Home Extensions In A Conservation Area

VELUX conservation roof window on slate roof

When a lot us think conservation area, what comes to mind is small, quiet villages in the countryside made up of old-fashioned, cosy-looking little cottages. The truth, however, is a lot different. 

Most of the 8,000 plus conservation areas in the UK are, in fact, situated in built-up, urban areas. A lot of people live in a conservation area without even knowing it, leading to an unexpected surprise when limits are slapped on them regarding what they can do with their home extension. (Have a look at the conservation area map on to know where you stand from the off).

If you are based in a conservation area and plan on building an extension onto your property, be it a loft conversion, single storey extension or any other type, planning restrictions related to installing new roof windows or replacing your conservation windows, are important to consider. 

Conservation area laws exist to protect the aesthetics of conservation areas so that they do not lose their original look as a result of different homeowners making changes to the exteriors of their homes and creating a potentially ugly mishmash of designs.

If your home extension plans fall under strict Article 4 restrictions or another type of conservation law, 'law-abiding' and contemporary specialist conversation windows are available to cut through the red tape. VELUX, FAKRO, RoofLITE and Heritage windows are all purpose-built for conservation extensions. 

While all manufacturers have built their products with their own individual qualities, all conservation windows feature a vertical glazing bar running down the middle of the window pane and a black external finish as standard.

Here is a look at some of the best conservation windows on the market and the specifications available to each.

VELUX Conservation Windows

VELUX conservation window on grey slates with flashing

Market leader in roof windows and number one for home extensions, all our VELUX conservation windows come in manual except the Electric VELUX INTEGRA conservation roof window, operable via remote control. We have both cheap VELUX windows and top-end windows to match your project.

Internal finish - pine, white

Frame - pine, white paint

Opening style -centre pivot, top hung

Glazing - double-glazed

Glazing feature - laminate

FAKRO Conservation Windows

FAKRO conservation roof window on interlocking tiles


FAKRO are renowned for their conservation windows, specialising in the field with a larger variety than any of Sterlingbuild's other partner manufacturers. FAKRO conservation area windows come in all of the three operation styles, all at very affordable prices.

Internal finish - pine, white

Frame - pine, polyurethane, PVC, white paint

Opening style - balcony, centre pivot, side hung, side opening, tilt opening, top hung, top-third

Glazing - doubled-glazed, triple-glazed, quadruple-glazed

Glazing feature - enhanced security, laminated, noise reduction, obscure, ultra energy efficient

Heritage Windows

heritage conservation roof windows in combination

Our collection of white paint finished Heritage windows are perfect for listed buildings or for buildings located in areas of outstanding natural beauty. Available in fixed (non-opening), electric and manual, Heritage windows come with double glazed, toughened glass in a white paint frame and top hung opening style. See our Heritage window blog for more information.     

RoofLITE Conservation Windows

RoofLITE conservation window centre pivot opening

It is a case of quality over quantity when it comes to RoofLITE conservation windows. RoofLITE's three sizes of conservation pine windows have great u-values and doubled-glazed, laminated glass. Available in manual operation only, these roof windows come in a pine frame and centre pivot opening style as standard.

Shop our range of flashings for your conservation windows to make sure your windows are fully protected from the elements and fit flush in your roof.