Why the ECO+ RESET Roof Window is an Installer's Dream

The ECO+ RESET fixed low pitch roof window is one of the most versatile, original and time-saving window designs to hit the market in years.

By Larry Bohan on 23 June 2019


These triple glazed units, which are currently available from stock in 78x98cm sizes, are unique in that they come with an integrated flashing that enables installation into almost any roofing material at virtually any pitch.

The EPDM flashing lets you combine the window vertically or horizontally at no additional cost. The RESET conveniently comes in a single box with a reduced number of screws and aluminium parts, as well as a pre-fitted underfelt collar.


eco+ reset training with sterlingbuild sales team

How Does it Work?

The ECO+ RESET is suitable for any pitch from 5-90°, making it a suitable choice for both pitched and flat roof projects and daylight requirements.

Be it tiles, slate or metal, the window can be fitted to whatever’s on the roof, with quick installation times achievable thanks to the window, flashing and collar being pre-paired and ready to be fitted into place straight out of the box.

The EPDM flashing can be easily pressed over any roofing material to provide a watertight connection between window and roof.

To see how installation works visit us on YouTube. We have videos for slate, plain tiles, interlockingshingles and profiled sheets.

As was demonstrated to our team recently (pictured), this adaptability makes the RESET a time-saving solution for installers, while its cost effectiveness can be shared by fitter and end user.

What’s in it For The End User?

Price is the not the only win for consumers. The RESET has plenty of other benefits that make it great for conversions and refurbs.

The ECO+ is a good-looking fixed roof window that goes well with most interiors thanks to its contemporary white PVC internal frame and smart grey external finish.

This PVC frame requires little maintenance from end users, making it highly suitable for kitchen and bathroom spaces due to the moisture resistant nature of PVC.

The triple glazed unit is argon filled with a notably low U-value of 0.79, confirming strong thermal performance and minimal heat loss.

The unit is laminated on the inside and toughened externally for improved safety. Glazing is guaranteed for 20 years, with 10 years cover on the window and flashing.


installation demonstration of eco+ reset roof window