Raising The Bar For Rooflights- Discover Korniche Roof Lanterns

Sitting imperiously up in the roof, glass lanterns are a remarkable architectural feat in appearance alone, but highly practical too when you consider their superior light distribution and a host of other advantages.

By Larry Bohan on 8 Nov 2018

Korniche roof lantern installed on roof

In what ways can a home be made healthier? Opening up a roof to the outside world and embracing the natural goodness of the sun is perhaps the most rewarding and appealing way of giving homes a healthier, brighter air. When it comes to doing this with rooflights, the roof lantern is king.

Roof lanterns represent one of the most versatile and efficient ways of harnessing the power of the sun and showering it down into the room below.

This incoming light can transform the appearance of the entirety of a home extension, making the space more welcoming and enticing, as well as more spacious thanks to the feeling of a higher ceiling.

Korniche roof lanterns installed in single storey rear extension

Manufactured in England’s north east, Korniche roof lanterns are one of the UK’s leading makers of cutting-edge roof lanterns. Friendly to both end user and installer, with times as quick as 30 minutes achievable on installation.

Strong, energy efficient, clear sightlines and available made to measure with unique customisation options, Korniche roof lanterns are raising the bar among rooflights.

Below, we give the full rundown on Korniche roof lanterns and the many benefits they can bring to a flat roof extension or new build.

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Slimmer Design For Grander Views

korniche lantern installed in living room

To many, the biggest attraction of a roof lantern is the views they provide of the sky above from inside the home, both day and night.

Popularly installed in kitchens and living rooms, roof lanterns can provide clear blue sky views from the dinner table or unspoilt views of the moon and stars at night from the comfort of the sofa.

With Korniche roof lanterns, these views are enhanced further thanks to the minimalistic, slimline design used on all Korniche units. This lowkey finish ensures less obtrusion to both enjoying the views and the path of incoming daylight.

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Bespoke Roof Lantern Designs

Korniche roof lanterns view from below

Korniche roof lanterns are available as a made to measure product, meaning you can choose the exact dimensions you require, however rare, if you cannot find them among our set sizes.

If you’re going classic you can have symmetrical rafters with smaller glass spans and if you want to go modern, you can specify minimal rafters giving some of the biggest glazing spans available.

Korniche roof lanterns come with a raft of other customisation, including several tints to combat glare from the sun and increase privacy.
Adding a tint to a roof lantern will ensure simple pleasures such as reading a book or watching a film are not disturbed by excessive glare, as well as protect furniture from fading.

Opaque glazing for optimum privacy is just one of the other glazing upgrades. Self-cleaning glass on the window's exterior comes with all Korniche lanterns as standard. 

White roof lanterns, black roof lanterns, grey roof lanterns and dual colour lanterns are available in the Korniche standard lantern range. Any other RAL colour can be chosen for the internal or external frame on special order.

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Strong and Secure Manufacture

close up of strong aluminium structure

Do not let the minimalistic design of Korniche roof lanterns fool you, all units have been optimised to create the strongest and stiffest roof lantern on the market, even when installed in the harshest of environments.

Made with 24mm toughened safety glass, ensuring greater peace of mind against the worry of falling debris and flying objects. Overall, toughened glass is around 200 times stronger than standard glass.

Korniche’s largest lantern, a huge 6mx4m rooflight, is able to withstand up to a massive 8 tonnes of pressure.

Korniche roof lanterns use a glass lock system and discreetly concealed tamper proof fasteners to ensure all components stay in place.

Quick and Easy Installation

It takes only 30 minutes for a Korniche roof lantern to be installed. This quick time ensures a home is made watertight as soon as possible. In the video above, a team from Korniche demonstrate just how quick and easy it is.

Slicone sealant is needed only to secure the underside of the eaves beam to the external kerb, providing a weathertight seal. No silicone is needed for the double glazing sections thanks the lantern's precision engineering. All parts simply click into place and are secured with end caps and top caps. 

No cutting or trimming is required in putting a Korniche roof lantern together- another handy plus point unique to Korniche.

Reliable Thermal Performance

roof lantern exterior as installed on roof

Some homeowners are put of from installing rooflights from a fear or losing heat through the roof. This need not be a worry with Korniche roof lanterns.

Korniche roof lanterns reduce heat loss by eliminating cold bridging and using high performance glazing units. All lanterns are made with fully thermally broken eaves beams to create an insulated barrier between the aluminium sections.

U-values dip as low as 1.2 on Korniche models, an energy rating greatly superior to the average mark and proof that your lantern roof will keep your room at a comfortable temperature all year round.

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