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Create Your Ideal Space With VELUX Extensions

VELUX roof window for loft conversion with purple VELUX blinds

N‌o matter if you are currently in the process of building a home extension or still in the early stages of planning, there is no harm in doing a spot of VELUX window shopping to get inspired.

Nowadays, when most people think home extensions, the manufacturer that immediately springs to mind is VELUX, the market leader in pitched roof windows for home improvements.

While all VELUX windows will help bring natural sunlight into your home and improve insulation levels, most VELUX windows have unique features that make them suitable for a specific extension type, i.e., a loft conversion or kitchen extension.

A VELUX extension for your loft is a simple and affordable way of getting the most out of your attic space. Installing VELUX roof windows into your loft can give the room a fresh and spacious feel- perfect if you are turning the room into a new bedroom and/or bathroom. You can install any number of roof windows into your loft, with sizes available for all roof pitches. For help on working out the exact pitch of your roof, see our Flashings Buying Guide

Chosen from our record range of over 1,000 VELUX windows at the cheapest prices online, here is a rundown on some of the best and most practical roof windows for loft conversions and kitchen extensions:

VELUX Windows for Loft Conversions

VELUX Laminated Top Hung Roof Window

VELUX laminated top hung roof window for loft and attic conversions

top hung roof window is the perfect opening style for loft windows as the entirety of the window exits the room when open, leaving you with a perfectly clear view of the outdoors. For this reason, these windows are best installed at eye-level for easy access.

VELUX laminated top hung windows come in white paint and pine internal finishes, enabling you to complement the interior makeup of your new room however you deem fit.

Available in manual opening style only, VELUX top hung windows come in double glazing as standard or with triple glazing for added protection from the weather and outside noise. These pragmatic features make VELUX roof windows a popular choice for garage extensions too.


two VELUX CABRIO balcony window for lofts

"Roof windows are great and all, but I wish we had a balcony". This is a statement, no doubt, that many homeowners have muttered when thinking about what they might want their new loft space to look like. Well, the solution to this architectural dilemma comes in the form of the VELUX CABRIO range.

The VELUX CABRIO is an all-in-one window and balcony that will not only fill your new room with natural daylight, but also allow you to step outside into the sun to enjoy uninterrupted views of the outdoors while soaking up the heat from the summer sun. 

The VELUX CABRIO balcony system opens in seconds and is an ideal and affordable solution to having an outdoor loft space without having to move home. Our prices cannot be beaten on the market, but, if you do somehow find them cheaper online, we promise to match the price!

VELUX balcony windows are available in single and double, for both slate and tile roofs.

VELUX Windows for Kitchen Extensions

VELUX INTEGRA Electric White Paint Laminated Roof Window

VELUX INTEGRA electric white paint roof window for kitchen extensions

VELUX INTEGRA windows are engineered to blend in seamlessly with your new kitchen area. Though suitable for most rooms, this window works particularly well with kitchen extensions and single storey extensions thanks to a number of features.

As is standard with all VELUX INTEGRA windows, electric white paint windows come with a rain sensor that will detect the first sign of rain, great for if you have left the house with the windows open and the weather suddenly turns.

The electric operation style means that you will not have to turn away from your cooking when you want to let the sun in or fumes out, as a simple click of a remote control opens up the window. Remember to take care in where you install your VELUX INTEGRA windows, we recommend placing them above work surfaces and dining tables to ensure best light and ventilation.

VELUX Flat Glass Rooflight

VELUX flat glass rooflight and curved glass rooflight for home extensions

If you are designing a flat roof kitchen extension and plan on transforming the kitchen into an open-plan layout where the family can roam freely between kitchen and garden, one way of really adding that wow factor and making the space feel bigger is with a VELUX flat glass domed rooflight or curved glass rooflight.

Available in fixed (non-opening), manual and electric, this eye-catching VELUX window will impress anybody who gazes up through it to the sky above. It might well give you a pleasant suprise too when you see how much money you have saved on energy bills thanks to its effective insulation levels.

‌This elegant rooflight is easy to maintain and features an excellent level of noise reduction, very handy for when the heavens open. VELUX's flat glass rooflights are also available without the polycarbonate dome.

Complete the look and function of your VELUX roof window by selecting from our huge range of VELUX blinds at Sterlingbuild. To get you inspired, check out our blog on warm coulered blinds for VELUX windows