Manage Your Budget With Cheap Roof Windows

Pitched roof windows do not have to cost a fortunea. There is no shortage of roof window brands that offer outstanding spec and performance at a more affordable price.

By Larry Bohan on 26 Sep 2019

rooflite windows in loft

Whether building a home extension or converting a loft, 99% of homeowners will have a budget. This budget allows us to create a spending plan for our money and reigns us in from splashing out on unnecessary changes.

Despite it being us who sets the budget, it can be hard staying within in it- especially with the variables involved in home extensions where pinning down all the costs can be difficult.

While there are several well known tips to keeping down expenditure, such as getting involved in DIY and project managing yourself, money can also be saved through sensible daylight choices.

In the case of loft conversions, roof windows are a must have. Roof windows can transform an old dingy attic into a light, airy and healthy room with beautiful views of the exterior.

Opening up your roof does not have to cost through the roof. There are plenty of cheap roof windows available on the market which perform identically to the leading brands, while some of the best known manufacturers also have cheap windows among their range.

A Cheap Roof Window Does Not Mean A Poorer Roof Window

cheap roof windows

Take RoofLITE for example, sister brand to market leader VELUX. Despite using FSC certified pine on its all its roof windows, along with high level security and ventilation features, these are some of the cheapest roof windows on the market- despite offering practically identical light transmission as pricier models.

Rooflite pitched roof windows come in a pine, white paint or PVC frame, with toughened safety glass to provide breakage protection from flying objects, both inside and out. There is also a reassuring 10-year guarantee on all RoofLITE windows to protect your investment.

Then there is ECO+, one of the industry’s fastest growing pitched and flat roof window brands. ECO+ are currently changing what is regarded as normal for a roof window to be by offering triple glazing as standard on its centre pivot windows to help houses stay warmer and cheaper to run.

eco+ pitched roof window

The 0.9 W/m²K U-value on ECO+ roof windows is one of the lowest you’ll find anywhere, with low-E treatments on the glazing to ensure your loft stays warm and cosy in the summer and cool in summer.

For a pitched roof kitchen or dining room extension, or an en-suite bathroom in the loft, the ECO+ PVC window is a low maintenance, easy to clean option that copes fantastically well in humid surroundings.

Offering perhaps the most practical and cost effective solution on the market is the ECO+ RESET. This is a fixed triple glazed pitched roof window that comes with an integrated flashing that enables installation into virtually any roofing material and any pitch.

Finding roof windows that offer quality thermal performance and look good while doing it, is not impossible. Cheap roof windows, such as those from RoofLITE and ECO+, are perfect options for all budgets, big and small. 

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Cheap Roof Windows For Uninhabited Spaces

dark and empty loft

Maybe you have stumbled upon this blog in the search of a cheap roof window for an unhabitable space, such as an unused loft or garden shed.

If you have, pitched roof windows unsuitable for living under will always be the cheapest on the market given their low U-values. Sterlingbuild's skylights, strictly for unoccupied and unheated rooms, are available from FENSTRO at prices starting from under £100.

Installing a skylight into a loft can bring much needed passive or full ventilation into the space, preventing condensation and improving the storing conditions for possesions.

FENSTRO skylights are even kinder on wallets due to the fact they come with an integrated flashing, an integral part of the installation that normally requires a separate purchase.

ECO+ has two sizes of pitched roof windows that are perfect for smaller roofs, such as that of a garden shed. These smaller roof windows are suitable for habitable areas too.

Roof Window Multibuy Offers

rooflite windows in combination

Why not make the most of the natural daylight by having three or four roof windows positioned around the roof for more even distribution of light if your budget allows?

We currently have a multibuy offer available on our RoofLITE roof windows when you buy three or more, brining the indiviudal cost of each window down to £95 each.

For combination installs, the ECO+ RESET flashing that comes as standard with the units is suitable to create any combo, either horizontally or vertically at no extra cost.

If you are looking cheap roof windows for a flat roof that have outstanding spec and energy efficiency, ECO+ is once again the brand. The ECO+ 45x85cm rooflight is currently available for its cheapest price yet, while stocks last.

ECO+ flat rooflights are also part of the Sterlingbuild home extension bundle offer, where you can save 5% on your order when you buy a rooflight and aluminium door together.

Sterlingbuild guarantees you the best price online thanks to our price match promise. We also offer free or next day delivery and a team of in-house specialists on call five days a week should you need any help from purchase to installation.