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Pitched Roof Window Buying Guide

Your Guide to Pitched Roof Windows 

Whether you are planning on building an extension onto your property or thinking about converting your loft, selecting the right pitched roof windows to match your vision is an increasingly important part of the design process.

Deciding on what window best suits the room you're creating, what size it should be and how it should open are all questions which our extensive guide will help to answer.

velux white paint centre pivot roof windows

Which room will your roof window be going in?

What is the best kind of roof window for my room? There's a balance between visual appeal and choosing the right material for the job. Here is what we think.

Living Room

With the living room being where most people spend the majority of their daytime, it's no suprise that homeowners are turning to larger, above head height roof windows to fill the room with light, making it as welcoming and comfortable as possible.

Out of reach, electric window installations cause no operational difficulties as a simple click of a remote control allows you to fill the room with fresh air without having to interrupt your relax on the sofa.

Manual roof windows can also be placed above head high and opened simply with a universal rod.

We recommend- RoofLITE Slimline Vented Pine Roof Window


Converting your loft into a bedroom to accommodate your kids or another member of the family will mean you turning the space into a habitable and healthy one. This is best achieved by the installation of roof windows that welcome in the sunlight.

Thought not only needs to be given to how aesthetically pleasing you want your new windows to be, but to energy efficiency, ventilation and means of escape too.

The best windows will provide you comfort all year round by reducing heat loss in the winter and preventing overheating in the summer.

We recommend- ECO+ White PVC Triple Glazed Top Hung Roof Window  


Adding an en-suite to a loft conversion is one way of adding a touch of luxury to your home. Naturally, the number one requirement for homeowners when it comes to bathroom windows will always be privacy.

Roof windows with obscure glazing, which you can't see in or out of, are available in various sizes and opening styles that do not sacrifice on any of their ability to bring natural light and ventilation into your private space. 

Another important thing to consider with bathrooms is the humidity in the room that comes from water rising from baths and showers. Fortunately, there are moisture-resistant windows that can reduce condensation, with RoofLITE a specialist in this field.

We recommend- RoofLITE White PVC Centre Pivot Roof Window


The ability of a well-placed roof window that brings the goodness of the sun into your kitchen can give the room the ultimate fresh and bright feel, enhancing meal times and dinner parties alike.      

Similar to with bathrooms, an important thing to consider when choosing the right roof window for your kitchen is the steam and heat that is produced from kitchen appliances. Your choice of window should therefore be one that is well suited to counteracting this.

To prevent moisture build-up, white polyurethane or PVC finished roof windows are a good, durable choice that are easy to clean and maintain.

We recommend- ECO+ White PVC Triple Glazed Roof Window 

How would you like your window to operate?

Manual, Electric or Solar. Here is our rundown on all three window operating styles to help you decide.

controlling electric windows with velux active


The old-fashioned way of opening a window and often the first choice of many due to its reliability. Manually operated roof windows can be installed at eye-level and opened by hand, or by opening rod if located out of reach.

Pros- Reliable operation, lower energy bills



Best installed above head height, electric roof windows can add a touch of class to your room and bring it fully into the 21st century. Electrically operated windows can be opened by wall switch or mobile phone with VELUX ACTIVE.

Pros- Simple operation, open from any room



As easy to operate as electric windows but without the need for wiring. Solar windows are a means of lowering energy bills and adding a certain wow factor to your home. VELUX is the market leader in solar windows. 

Pros- Eco friendly, no wiring required


How would you like your roof window to open?

Do you want your window to open from the top, top-third center or the side? Do I need a means of escape? Here's what you need to know.

centre pivot roof windows


Centre pivot

The most popular roof window on the market and an ideal solution for adding daylight and ventilation. Centre pivot windows are opened by the top or bottom of the sash, with half of the window entering the room upon opening and the other half exiting it. 

Pros- Less expensive than top hung, available in electric and solar, wide range of choice from VELUX.


top hung roof windows


Top hung

The window of choice for enjoying the views so therefore usually installed at eye-level. The pivot is at the top of the window meaning none of the sash enters the room upon opening. The window can rotate in the middle to allow for safe cleaning from the inside.

Pros- Maximum level of daylight, blocks out rain, unobscured view, no sash protudes into room, meets means of escape requirments



Side hung

The pivot on a side hung window is found on either the left or right-hand side. As the entirety of the window is outside the room when open, it is a very good choice for enjoying views of the outdoors and a practical option for eye-level installations.

Pros- Easy opening, unobscured views, no sash protrudes into room, can be suitable for means of escape requirments

fixed roof windows



Fixed roof windows are non opening units that are ideal when ventilation is not necessary. Fixed roof windows are available in a conservation style from Heritage or in standard roof window design courtesy of the ECO+ RESET.

Pros- Money saving, easy installation, no compromise on daylight transmission, easier maintenance.

Which type of glazing is best?

Glazing is an important part of any pitched roof window. Which glazing gives me the best u-values and noise reduction?


Laminated glazing uses a safety glass that holds together when shattered making it ideal for above head height installations. Should something hit the glass at force, the pane would stay in place rather than falling. Laminated windows are available with VELUX, FAKRO, RoofLITE and ECO+.

Noise reduction

Specialist noise reduction glazing uses a thicker glass that prevents excess noise from entering your home. The ideal glazing type if you live in a busy, built-up area with high levels of noise pollution. Noise reduction roof windows are available from VELUX and FAKRO.


Most commonly found in bathrooms, as well as in bedrooms, obscure glazing offers you the ultimate level of privacy. Non-transparent in nature, you have the peace of mind of knowing that your privacy is secure. Obscure roof windows are available with VELUX and FAKRO.


Enhanced security

Enhanced security windows are designed to give you an added sense of security, at home and when out. Reinforced hinge and lock, system preventing glass removal and extra safety lock are just some of the protective features of enhanced security roof windows. Available from VELUX and FAKRO



Designed using three panes of glass, triple-glazed windows have three main benefits; the prevention of excess noise, reduced condensation and better insulation- stopping the heat escaping from your home and the cold from getting in. Available from VELUX, FAKRO, Sterlingbuild and ECO+.



Specially designed for passive house constructions, quadruple-glazed units are easily affordable for the simple homeowner while their low U-value guarantees significant energy savings too. The extra layer of glass helps keep out all unwanted noise from outside. Available from VELUX and FAKRO.

What is the best type of window finish?

A pitched roof window's finish is an important consideration when choosing the right material for the room and for matching the visual appearance of the interior decor.

White paint

A timber core frame painted in a white finish can add style to your room and make for a lighter and brighter living space. White paint finishes reflect more light back into the home than darker surfaces and will compliment most rooms.

White polyurethane (PU)

Incorporating a timber frame with a protective white polyurethane finish, PU finishes are known for both their durability and stylish appearance. The moisture-resistant design makes it the preferred finish for kitchens and bathrooms. 

White PVC

Contains the same benefits of the white PU window but with a polyvinyl frame rather than timber. A PVC finished window is easier to clean and maintain than its PU and white paint counterparts, and comes out top for insulation values too.


A classic and traditional finish for roof windows. Well regarded for its long-lasting nature and suitability to match most interiors. A popular choice for loft bedrooms and home offices.