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Window extensions

Create a Stunning Roof Window Feature on a Budget

Even small budget loft conversions or home extensions can have a stunning window feature thanks to RoofLITE's combi flashing kits.

Easy to install, the RoofLITE UCX combi flashing will create a perfectly weathertight seal for multiple roof windows. The stylish grey (RAL 7043) aluminium will complement your roof, and the weather and UV ray-resistant properties will ensure it will survive whatever the British weather throws at it.

A smaller budget doesn't mean an unimpressive finish

When you install 2 or more roof windows side by side or vertically, you can brighten your room, giving it the feeling of more space. And at RoofLITE prices, you can do so for much less.

It's so easy to do. Just follow the three easy steps below.

Vertical combiation skylights

1. Choose the design of your group installation

Simply decide on the design you would like (or have the space for) - 2 horizontal windows, 2 vertical windows or even 2 rows of 3 windows.

Your loft conversion company or home extension builders will be able to give you advise on what's possible with your roof structure.

Add value to your home

2. Choose the RoofLITE windows you want

RoofLITE windows are great value for money, and you can save money without compromising on quality.

Just remember that if you're creating a horizontal installation, you can have any combination of window widths but the heights must be the same. Vice versa, if you're creating a vertical installation, you can have any combination of window height but the widths must be the same.

Combination roof windows in attics

3. Buy the RoofLITE combi flashing kits

The secret to this feature is combination flashings. They give you the flexibility to brighten your home, whilst ensuring a tight, easy installation.

Each flashing kit is made to fit certain designs. Use the chart below to find your roof window combination design and the RoofLITE flashing kits you need. The yellow parts of the drawings represent how the flashing kit fits with other kits to ensure your roof windows can be installed properly.


Horizontal combi windows Cheap RoofLITE combi flashings for side by side installation  
Order Part 1 & 3 flashing for end windows Order Part 2 for a middle window  
The Part 1 & 3 flashing kit lets two RoofLITE window create a coupled combi fitting with a 100mm gap. This flashing kit is used for end windows (bottom end windows if you have more than one row). The Part 2 flashing kit allows three or more windows to be fitted side by side. You will need a Part 2 for each middle window and Part 1 & 3 kit for the end windows.  
RoofLITE combi flashings for 4 windows RoofLITE combi flashings for 6 windows RoofLITE 2 veritcal windows
Order Part 4 & 6 flashing for top row windows Order Part 5 flashing for the middle window of the top row Order Part 7 flashing for a single top window
Parts 4 & 6 combi flashings are fitted on the two top windows in this set of four design, allowing two more to be fitted underneath. You will also need a Parts 1 & 3 combi kit for the bottom two windows. To install a bank of six windows, you will need a Part 5 flashing kit to fit with Parts 1 & 3Part 2 and Part 4 & 6 flashing kits. Part 5 includes the right hand side drainage gutter for the top middle window and connects it to the bottom middle window. A Part 7 combi flashing kit combined with a standard RoofLITE flashing will allow two windows (of the same width) to be installed on top of each other, giving floor to ceiling views.


If you have any questions about installing a combination of RoofLITE windows, please get in touch- we're more than happy to help.