VELUX Accessories

VELUX Installation Accessories

Installation & Insulation

VELUX Poles, Adapters, Keys & Locks

Operation & Security

Glass  Replacement for VELUX IPL & IGR

Glass Replacement

VELUX Electrical Accessories

Electrical Accessories

VELUX Repair & Maintenance Kits

Repair & Maintenance Kits

VELUX Support Trimmers & Rafter Support | EBY & EKY

Support Trimmers

VELUX Smoke Vent System Accessories

Smoke Vent System Accessories

VELUX Flat Roof Kerbs | ECX

Flat Roof Kerbs

VELUX ZGA Conservation Glazing Bars

Conservation Bars

VELUX Profile Set for Non-Standard Roof Materials | ZWC

Window Profile Sets

VELUX Special Head Flashings

Special Head Flashings

VELUX Flat Roof Base Units & Covers

Flat Roof Base Units & Covers

Browse the complete range of VELUX accessories, spares and parts to get the most out of your VELUX window or make repairs.

Add a VELUX blind adapter for easy use of a control rod, or get your window looking as good as new with maintenance kits. We supply the full range of VELUX electrical accessories, including a conversion kit to upgrade to a solar powered window.