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Lightway sun tunnels offer superior performance compared to other brands. The exceptional design of these tubular skylights overcomes many problems regularly associated with sun tunnels. This means you get more daylight, a better looking design and less noticeable deterioration in performance.

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How Do You Add Daylight to a Bathroom with no Windows?

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How Do You Add Daylight to a Bathroom with no Windows?

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Don't ignore your landing

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How Do You Add Daylight to a Bathroom with no Windows?

Easily! Many bathrooms are internal rooms where it’s impossible to install windows or skylights. An easy to fit Lightway sun tunnel is an high performance tubular skylight that channels natural light from your rooftop into the room below through a highly reflect tube.

Why Choose Lightway Sun Tunnels?

  • • Self-cleaning dome top lets in more daylight
  • • Sterling silver is USED, which reflects more light and won’t deteriorate over time
  • • Lightway uses sturdy clips rather than tape to hold the tunnel in place
  • • Stylish diffusers fits seamlessly in your ceiling

And it probably won’t cost as much as you think.

Brighten Up Your North Facing Lounge

Cheer up your living space without costly, disruptive new windows. The Lightway F400 sun tunnel is a through wall installation that adds natural light, comfort and feeling of space to homes, flats and other properties where you might think it’s too expensive or impossible to do so.

  • • Add up to 3 times more daylight than a standard sun tunnel
  • • Inexpensive, easy solution to darkness
  • • Stylish finishing touch
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Don’t Ignore Your Landing

Add light and life to lacklustre landings.

Whether your landing is set deep in your home or so big natural light won’t fill the whole space, a Lightway sun tunnel will brighten up your space. This quick, unobtrusive installation will channel daylight into your space with very little deterioration in performance for years to go – which is why the reflective tube has a 25 years guarantee.

  • • Self-cleaning Bohemian crystal dome
  • • High performance, sterling silver tunnel
  • • Stylish glass diffuser & white trim

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