Tile Sun Tunnels

Channel daylight from your roof tiles to your dark room

What are tile sun tunnels?

Sun tunnels are a great way to illuminate dark areas of your home, and can be fitted to different roof materials. Tile sun tunnels are tunnel skylights that have been designed to be fitted to tiled roofs. Sun tunnels are an excellent way to transform a dark, dingy room by allowing natural sunlight to flood in, minimising the need for you to use electricity and artificial lighting.

What types are available?

Tile sun tunnels are available with flexible or rigid tubes, to suit a wide range of different locations. Flexible sun tunnel tubes are great for lofts and awkward spaces, to save you from having to climb into the loft and secure the tube like you have to with fixed tunnels. The light tunnels are available in a variety of diameters, from 10-22 inches.

What are the features & benefits of sun tunnels?

The standout benefit of light tunnels is the sheer amount of natural light they let into a home. Through this simple solution people can transform dark, dim rooms without resorting to the use of electricity - saving you money in the long run. The tile sun tunnels have a highly reflective lining and secure, transparent components, to ensure that you do not have to compromise on comfort and security while you enjoy your new sun-lit space.