Sun tunnel accessories & spares

Customise & improve your installation

Sun tunnels are highly efficient in letting natural light into your home. But the question is, can we make them even more efficient? Fortunately, the answer is yes. We have various sun tunnel accessories available, which vary in use. For example, we have accessories which extend the length of your tunnel and increase safety and security.

We also have sun tunnel spare parts and features, for example panes to diffuse light. Another is trim rings, which are internal rings that encircle the product. We also have:
•  Light kits and units
•  Ventilation outlets
•  Elbows
•  Fire collars
•  Curb upstands
•  Security collars

Each of our sun tunnel spares and accessories is made to fit your tunnel perfectly, making them easy to customise. We stock sun tunnel accessories from various manufacturers, including VELUX, FAKRO and our very own Sterlingbuild brand. This is to ensure you get the perfect match and fit for your sun tunnel.

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