Sun tunnels for slate roofs

Channel daylight from your roof slates to a dark room below

What are slate sun tunnels?

Slate sun tunnels are an affordable and energy efficient way to enjoy daylight in a dark room and are specially designed for homes with slate roofs. Using a sun tunnel skylight is one of the easiest and cost efficient ways to transform a dark or windowless room into one with plenty of natural light.

How do they work?

Sun tunnels capture rays of light that hit your roof and transports it into your windowless room through a reflective tube.

What types are available?

There are various types of sun tunnels for slate roofing  to choose from, designed for different roof sizes and pitches, to ensure you get the ideal amount of natural light. They are available in a variety of diameters, from 10 inches to 22 inches. So if you’re looking to buy a sun tunnel for slate roofing, you’ll be able to find the perfect size on our website.

What are the features and benefits of sun tunnels?

Sun tunnels are also known as sun tubes, daylight pipes and light tunnels, which is suitable because they naturally light rooms thanks to their highly reflective lining and transparent components. They’re easy to install, bringing light to even the darkest and most isolated spaces.

The sizes below represent tunnel diameters, and here’s a tip: The recommended length for optimum daylight is between 0.2 metres - 0.9 metres (approx 7.8 inches - 35.4 inches).

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