Domed flat roof windows

Homes, offices, schools and public buildings with flat roofs will all benefit from a domed flat roof window.

Use the roof above to let in natural light to transform the space below, energise the those within it and freshen the environment with a flow of air. Not only that, you'll save on energy bills.

Our flat glass roof windows with highly protective domes are high-quality, energy efficient and secure skylights for your building. They are budget friendly without compremising on quality.

Which domed window is best for you?

  • Fixed domed flat roof windows are ideal for areas that have access to fresh air through doors or vertical window yet would benefit from additional daylight.
  • Opening flat roof windows will flood the space below with daylight and fresh air, and is a great choice if the installation will be within reach otherwise an opening rod will ensure you get the best out of this budget friendly option. Or you could upgrade to electrically operated and welcome a real WOW factor into your home.

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