VELUX roof window accessories

At Sterlingbuild, we stock an extensive range of VELUX accessories. This is ideal if you're looking to replace parts of your roof window. It’s also great for general customisation, ensuring the fit is perfect as each of these accessories are custom made to fit VELUX roof windows. This not only helps with meeting Building Regs Approved Document Part L requirements, but it also saves time on site, ensuring the best energy-efficient installation, as they’re easy to fit.

We have many accessories available, ranging from installation products to replacement parts and general maintenance tools. Installation products include insulation and underfelt collars, vapour barriers and lining kits. These are essential for the most energy efficient VELUX window installation. We have accessories suitable for all styles of roofing and windows, and we stock a selection of VELUX window poles and maintenance kits for next day delivery.

We also stock support trimmers, smoke vent system accessories, flat roof kerbs, conservation bars, replacement glass, insect screens and window profile sets. Each accessory is beneficial in its own way, from improving the window’s efficiency and durability, to stopping insects from getting in, and improving safety.

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