Slate flashing kits

Weathertight roof window installation on slate roofs

Shop for FAKRO, RoofLITE, Roto and VELUX flashings

We have a variety of high quality roof window slate flashings available, manufactured by numerous reliable brands, such as FAKRO, RoofLITE, Roto and VELUX. There are flashings suitable for various roofing materials and pitches.

Flashing is important for a weathertight and long lasting seal between your roof window and slate roofing material. The built-in guttering forms a mini-drainage system that allows rainwater to run around the outside of the window and off the roof.

Each brand offers high quality, durable slate flashings. There are various sizes available, meaning you’ll be able to find the perfect fit for your window, at an affordable price.

Whatever your flashing needs, we have the solution for you at low prices.

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